Bill Murray Threw Fan Phones Off Restaurant Rooftop

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Bill Murray Fans Phones

By Michael Lewittes |

Bill Murray Fans Phones

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Bill Murray threw phones of fans taking photos of him off the rooftop of a Carmel, California restaurant, prompting the police to investigate, Gossip Cop confirms.

On Thursday night, Murray was at the restaurant Vesuvio, where Justin Timberlake was throwing a party for his 901 tequila, when a number of fans bombarded the comedic actor and started repeatedly taking flash photos of him. Murray, who’s usually very accommodating, became annoyed with the too-close-for-comfort fans, and grabbed three phones and tossed them over the restaurant’s second floor rooftop.

It’s unclear whether it was more than one distressed fan or not, but Gossip Cop is told the police received a complaint at 10:30 p.m about Murray throwing the phones of fans over the side of the restaurant, and stopped by the eatery, which often attracts stars. By the time the cops arrived at Vesuvio, Murray had already left.

The police tell Gossip Cop they looked into the incident, and then reached out to Murray’s rep, who acknowledged he tossed three phones. Only two of the phone were damaged. “He’s agreed to pay for the damages,” a police spokesman confirms to us, adding that no charges will be pressed against Murray, and the case was closed.

The actor is in Carmel for the annual Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament, which draws the biggest names in professional golf, as well as celebrities including Murray, Timberlake, Josh Duhamel, Mark Wahlberg, and Ray Romano.


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