Bill Murray Jumps Out Of Cake On David Letterman’s Second To Last Late Show – WATCH VIDEO!

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Bill Murray Cake David Letterman

By James Crugnale |

Bill Murray Cake David Letterman


Bill Murray surprised David Letterman by jumping out of a cake on the host’s second to last “Late Show” on Tuesday. Afterwards, the actor gave Letterman a big hug, and got cake all over him and the set. Watch the video below!

Murray was wheeled out onstage inside a giant, white cake that read “Good Bye Dave.” The actor, clad in gloves, a jump suit and goggles, busted out of the cake with crumbs and frosting flying everywhere, face planting onto the stage.

Letterman came over to welcome the comedian and hugged Murray, who was completely covered in cake frosting. Murray then rubbed Letterman’s head with the cake in his hand. After that, the comedic actor walked over to the audience and proceeded to give a woman a big, wet cake-infused kiss. He also rubbed cake on other members of the audience.

After the show, Murray, still head-to-toe in head in cake, led a crowd outside the Ed Sullivan Theater as they sang, “All we are saying is more Worldwide Pants,” a reference to Letterman’s production company.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Murray’s appearance as Letterman’s final guest is fitting, since he was the host’s very first guest when he made his start on late-night television on NBC’s “Late Night” back in 1982. Murray was again Letterman’s first guest in 1993 when the “Late Show” debuted on CBS.

Watch the video below of Bill Murray popping out of the cake and greeting David Letterman. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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