Bill Maher: “Is Caitlyn Jenner The New C-Word?” (VIDEO)

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Bill Maher Caitlyn Jenner Rachel Dolezal Video

By Shari Weiss |

Bill Maher Caitlyn Jenner Rachel Dolezal Video


Bill Maher thinks the media is being too politically correct when it comes to Caitlyn Jenner. Check out the video below.

On Friday’s “Real Time,” the host slammed Spike for cutting a comment Clint Eastwood made from the broadcast of the Guys’ Choice Awards. As Gossip Cop reported, during the “Hero Award” presentation for Dwayne Johnson at the ceremony taping earlier this month, Eastwood said, “Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson isn’t the first athlete to have gone into acting. There’s also Jim Brown, and Caitlyn somebody.”

The comment was deemed offensive, and Spike announced it would not be in the airing. As Gossip Cop confirmed during Thursday’s showing of the awards, the remark was indeed cut from Eastwood’s appearance. But Maher, in a segment called “Explaining Jokes to Idiots,” blasted the network for the move.

“Is Caitlyn the new C-word? We can’t even say it in a joke?” asked Maher. “And this was on a male network that thinks of itself as macho. But, you know guys, just because you have balls, doesn’t mean you have ball.”

Maher continued, “That joke was not an insult. Not in any way was it a remark that demeans Caitlyn’s journey, or would make her Adam’s Apple grow back.” The commentator even practiced what he preached with a Jenner joke of his own.

Earlier in the episode during “New Rules,” during which Maher makes up “new rules,” he declared, “As soon as she’s feeling up to it, Rachel Dolezal must go on a date with Caitlyn Jenner.” He went on to say that both have to wear “#TheDress,” and showed photoshopped pictures of both women to make it look like they were. He then asked, “Do you see a woman in a gold and white dress? Or do you see a man in a black and blue dress?”

“It’s the perfect modern mind-bender,” he added. Watch the videos below, and tell us what you think.


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