Bill Hader ‘SNL’ Monologue, Cold Open And Sketches 2018 – WATCH VIDEO

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Bill Hader SNL

By Holly Nicol |

Bill Hader SNL


Bill Hader opened his 2018 “SNL” monologue by saying he learned a lot of things since leaving the show. He noted that even though he was on for 8 years and did 210 episodes, he just found out that hosts can come on the show and promote their projects, like his upcoming HBO series “Barry.” He then decided to segue into his first sketch, another rendition of “The Californians.” Watch the video below of Hader’s opening and his best sketches from tonight’s “SNL.”

This is Hader’s second time hosting the comedy sketch series since leaving the show in 2013 after eight seasons as a cast member. He previously hosted the program in 2014, alongside musical guest Hozier. During his last time hosting, Hader said the one thing he never did, but always wanted to when he was a cast member, was sing.

He was joined onstage by Kristen Wiig, who noted, “It is your dream to sing on ‘SNL’ and you are going to do it.” But after a few seconds of awful singing, she told him, “I love you but never do that again to television.” When he was last on the program, Hader also revived his character Stefon, who after talking about the New York City’s “hottest clubs,” announced that he was pregnant.

On Thursday, Hader was on the “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and talked about how “SNL” sketches are pitched on the Monday before the program in front of the guest host. He recalled that during his time on the show, he basically made up on the spot ideas for skits, which he knew would never get written. Still, for his work on “Saturday Night Live,” Hader received three Emmy nominations, including nods for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series and Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Also prior to his current appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Hader spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about his hosting gig. “I’m very nervous. It’s nerve wracking. It’s the red light going on. It’s live television,” he said. And Hader also recently admitted to struggling with anxiety while working as a cast member on the show.

Hader’s new appearance on “Saturday Night Live” actually comes in support “Barry.” The series, which is slated to debut on HBO later this month, focuses on an assassin-turned-actor who accepts a job in Hollywood. In order to play the title character, the actor drew on his own experiences with stage fright and anxiety, particularly when performing in Studio 8H at Rockefeller Plaza.

Even before his monologue, Hader appeared in the cold open as Anthony Scaramucci on an edition of “Anderson Cooper 360” that also featured fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (John Goodman). In the opening skit, Hader’s Scaramucci said a bunch of things he shouldn’t have and then asked if the televised CNN show was “on the record.” After his monologue that turned into a sketch of “The Californians,” Hader appeared as a bachelor on an Irish version of the dating game called, “Kiss Me I’m Irish.” He seemed to favor two of the contestants, who he realized were his cousins.

Next, Hader played a wheelchair-bound old man married to a much, much younger woman, who was hanging out with her contemporaries one night. At one point, the old man’s Cialis kicked in and his wife hopped on top of him because they wanted to start a family. Following that was a taped bit of the screen tests for Jurassic Park, featuring Hader’s Alan Alda, Al Pacino and Clint Eastwood impressions, as well as other cast members’ impersonations of Ellen DeGeneres, Adam Sandler, Whoopi Goldberg, Sinbad, Drew Barrymore, O.J. Simpson and much more. And much to everyone’s delight, Hader returned as Stefon during “Weekend Update” to talk about fun stuff to do for St. Patrick’s Day.

Later, Hader played a movie mogul named Thomas Logan who, now during the #MeToo movement, has become known as the Harvey Weinstein of Canada. But because our neighbors to the North are so courteous, his vile actions amounted to nothing more than being polite and completely appropriate. Gossip Cop has video of the cold open, Hader’s opening monologue, and his best sketches from the new “SNL” below.

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