Groups Demand Bill Cosby’s Walk Of Fame Star Be Removed And President Revoke Medal of Freedom

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Bill Cosby walk of fame star

By Minyvonne Burke |

Bill Cosby walk of fame star

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Advocacy groups are demanding that Bill Cosby’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star be removed and President Obama revoke the comedian’s Medal of Freedom. Project Islamic Hope CEO Najee Ali has put together a petition demanding the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, get rid of Cosby’s star on Hollywood Boulevard.

Referring to Cosby’s 2005 deposition, in which the comedian admitted to giving at least one woman quaaludes so she would have sex with him, Ali said in the petition, “As far as I’m concerned, Cosby is a serial rapist.” He added, “Rape is rape… and we should all understand the devastating and traumatic pain this does to a woman for the rest of her life.”

“Cosby deliberately placed himself in a position of high moral standards and told the African American community who they are to be, while he was cheating on his wife and drugging and raping women nationwide. This is the epitome of hypocrisy revealed,” continued Ali in the petition, noting, “We’re calling for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler to remove Bill Cosby’s star from the Walk of Fame.” Ali’s petition was also signed by other advocacy groups leaders like Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson, the CEO of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable, and Harvest Thomas, the CEO of the South Central Coalition.

It won’t happen, however, says Gubler. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president says, “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Because of this, we have never removed a star from the Walk.”

The sexual violence advocacy group Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment, is also asking President Obama and the White House to revoke Cosby’s Medal of Freedom. The actor and comedian received the prestigious honor in 2002 from former President George W. Bush. According to USA Today, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said he wasn’t sure it was “legally possible” to revoke the medal.

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