Bill Cosby’s Last Ontario Show Disrupted By 30 Protesters Screaming “We Believe The Women”

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Bill Cosby Ontario Protesters

By Michael Lewittes |

Bill Cosby Ontario Protesters

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Bill Cosby’s third and last show in Ontario, Canada was once again interrupted, this time by as many as 30 protesters, Gossip Cop has learned. Shortly after beginning his show on Friday at the Hamilton Place Theatre, we’re told the protesters stood up, blew whistles, and screamed, “We believe the women.” The protesters were then ushered out of the theater by security.

A smattering of supporters, Gossip Cop hears, also got vocal, yelling, “We love you” to Cosby and “We believe the men.” The comedian tried to defuse the situation, asking the rest of the crowd to “remain calm,” adding, “They had their say. We can calmly let them out.” But that wasn’t all. There were a few more protesters still in the audience, including one who got up and called Cosby a “piece of sh*t.” Those other objectors were also removed from the theater.

Just the night before, while performing in London, Ontario, a man was thrown out of Cosby’s show after screaming, “You’re a rapist.” And, at another point during Thursday’s performance, when a woman stood up and was walking out, Cosby asked her where she was going. When the woman said she was heading to the bar, Cosby cracked,“You have to be careful about drinking around me.” As Gossip Cop has reported, many of Cosby’s accusers allege the comedian drugged their drinks.

Much like Thursday’s show, despite the frigid temperatures outside, more than 150 protestors stood outside of Friday’s venue, many of them wearing T-shirts that similarly read, “We believe the women.” As Gossip Cop has previously noted, Cosby’s lawyer has slammed several of the sexual assault allegations against the comedian. What do you think of the latest protest?


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