Bill Cosby Reportedly Jokes About Rape Claims: “You Have To Be Careful Drinking Around Me” — As 150 Protest (PHOTOS)

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Bill Cosby Drinking Joke

By Shari Weiss |

Bill Cosby Drinking Joke

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Bill Cosby reportedly joked about his sexual assault scandal while performing in Ontario, Canada on Thursday night. During his stand-up show at Budweiser Gardens, Cosby was allegedly interrupted one-hour in when a woman in the front row got up to get a drink. The embattled comedian is said to have asked the audience member where she was going, and she replied by offering to get him a drink as well.

Cosby reportedly declined, noting his water bottle, before quipping, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.” Many of the star’s accusers, of course, have claimed Cosby drugged their beverages. In attendance was National Post reporter Richard Warnica, who took to Twitter immediately following the incident, and said there were “loud gasps from the audience,” but “the gasps then changed to cheers and applause.” Cosby reportedly then returned to his material, and received a standing ovation at the end of the 90-minute show.

But Warnica reports that wasn’t the night’s only drama. A man was also pulled from the crowd for shouting to Cosby, “You’re a rapist!” The heckler was thrown out of the half-full venue as the audience booed, though Cosby reportedly asked the attendees to stop. There are conflicting reports as to whether the guy was temporarily held in police custody. London Free Press writer Dale Carruthers tweeted that he himself was ejected after filming the would-be arrest in the lobby. While cell phones were permitted during Cosby’s Wednesday show, they were banned at Thursday’s performance. Another London Free Press reporter, however, successfully fought with security to allow them to tweet during the show. And despite the restriction, footage has also surfaced of the heckling incident. (Watch below.)

There were also a reported 150 protesters outside the venue. (See photos below.) In a statement released later Thursday night, Cosby said, “Dear Fans: One outburst but over 2,600 loyal, patient and courageous fans enjoyed the most wonderful medicine that exist for human-kind. Laughter. I thank you, the theatre staff (Budweiser Gardens), the event organizers and the London, ON Community for your continued honor and support. I’m Far From Finished.” Cosby is scheduled for a third show in Ontario on Friday, and has others slated in the United States throughout January and February.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Cosby’s attorney has blasted some of the allegations against him, but there has been no comment yet this year, even though three new accusers came forward on Wednesday. Gossip Cop will continue to have updates. Check out photos from the concert protest below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.



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