Is Bill Clinton dying of various health problems including Parkinson’s disease? One extremely bogus tabloid claimed that was the case. Gossip Cop can debunk the absurd rumor.

According to an article published in the Globe last October, the former president had become a “walking skeleton” at just 137 pounds amid heart problems and Parkinson’s disease. The tabloid quoted “former Clinton aide Larry Nichols” as saying, “I believe he is not long for this earth. He’s dying.” A supposed “medical expert” added that a “sudden heart attack” amid the stress of possibly “facing an inquiry” in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was a “real dangerous possibility” for Clinton.

The tabloid then goes on to speculate wildly about Clinton’s supposed battles with Parkinson’s and dementia, citing an unnamed “Clinton confidante” who says he’s “showing all the signs” of the debilitating condition including “tremors in his hand” and “memory lapses.” An unnamed “medical source” who insists Clinton “could wander away and get completely lost” without the aid of his secret service. “He’s going down -- and he’s going down fast, now,” Nichols finishes.

Strap in, because there’s a lot for Gossip Cop to unpack here. Let’s get the obvious out of the way first: seven months later, Clinton is still making public appearances and appears to be perfectly healthy for his age, despite this tabloid’s claim that he had “only months to live.” Just a few days ago, he delivered a virtual commencement address through CNN for students graduating this year. He’s obviously doing fine.

As for the rumor about Parkinson’s, Clinton addressed theories that he might have the disease in 2016 when people noticed his slight hand tremor while speaking at the Democratic National Convention. But Clinton has confirmed that he doesn’t have it: he got tested for Parkinson’s back in 2013, when he himself grew concerned about the tremor. But he tested negative: it turned out to be a mostly benign symptom of getting older.

There’s also that remark about Jeffrey Epstein. While Clinton was named as one of the many prominent public figures who associated with Epstein along with Prince Andrew and Donald Trump, he has not been investigated for any crimes linked to Epstein. It’s possible this article is referring to a conspiracy theory retweeted by Trump back in August that Clinton was somehow involved in Epstein’s death, but it was just that -- a conspiracy theory. He hasn’t faced any inquiry on the matter.

Lastly, there’s this Clinton aide, Larry Nichols. Larry Nichols worked for Clinton when he was Governor of Arkansas, but was fired in 1988. He has since made a career out of pushing ludicrous conspiracy theories about Clinton and his wife Hillary, even claiming to have acted as a personal hit man for the former president. (He withdrew that claim later.) In 1997, he was dubbed a “Clinton crazy” by the New York Times alongside a host of other anti-Clinton conspiracy theorists. When it comes to Bill Clinton, Larry Nichols is really the kind of person whose remarks you should fact-check.

You’d be surprised at the wide range of celebrities that the Globe claims are dying on a regular basis. Back in 2018, Gossip Cop shut down a rumor from the tabloid about Cher getting a “miracle cure” to save her from dying. In November 2019, it was falsely insisting that Johnny Depp’s friends feared he would be dead by that Christmas. A couple months later, Prince Charles was supposedly dying and allegedly cut his wife Camilla out of his will. In March, the unreliable publication claimed the Pope was dying of the coronavirus. And that’s not even counting all the times Gossip Cop has busted the Globe and it’s affiliate publication the National Enquirer for repeatedly insisting that Queen Elizabeth is on her deathbed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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