Bill Clinton NOT Hitting On Tiffany Trump At Presidential Debate, Despite Claim

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Bill Clinton Hitting On Tiffany Trump

By Shari Weiss |

Bill Clinton Hitting On Tiffany Trump

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Bill Clinton was NOT hitting on Tiffany Trump at the presidential debate, despite an absurd report. Gossip Cop can debunk this incredibly ridiculous story.

As Gossip Cop reported, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their first presidential debate on Monday night. They were each joined at the event by their respective families, including her husband Bill and his daughter Tiffany. By all accounts, the two groups were friendly and civil with each other.

But this is how MediaTakeOut is spinning it: “We’re Not Trying To Start NO MESS HERE… But Did Y’all See The Way… That Donald Trump’s DAUGHTER And BILL CLINTON… Were Staring At EACH OTHER???” The notoriously disreputable blog writes in its debate story, “What caught our eye was AFTER the debate. Hillary’s family and Donald’s family met on the stage and shook hands. And one exchange was memorable — Donald’s youngest daughter Tiffany and Bill.”

“Tiffany has the reputation of being quite the party girl. And well Bill is who he is,” says the webloid. “We just hope it was just a look and nothing more…” But this supposed “look” is all MediaFakeOut has to go on.

The site posted a photo of Bill and Tiffany shaking hands (see it below). Because of the angle of the picture, Bill’s face can’t be seen. But he is looking at Tiffany, who in turn is smiling back, as one typically does in such instances.Should Tiffany have been grimacing instead? Should Bill been looking in another direction?

Of course not. But MTO wanted to be sensational, and so it crafted a story implying the former president was hitting on the Republican nominee’s daughter… all based on a single, split-second photo of the two sharing a polite greeting amid a crowd of people. Tellingly, though, this isn’t the first time the outlet has tried such a stunt.

Just weeks ago, MediaTakeOut outrageously claimed Bill Clinton was hitting on Beyonce at an event. Similarly, that allegation was also based on a photo of the two shaking hands. This is now essentially the same story, with Tiffany substituted for Beyonce. And it’s still just as wrong.

And, by the way, the webloid didn’t even get the specifics of Bill and Tiffany’s interaction right. It happened before the debate, not after. It also took place in the audience section, not on stage. Bill also shared similar moments with other Trump family members, including Tiffany’s brother, Donald Jr. Where’s the story claiming Bill was hitting on him, too?

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