Bill Clinton, Kylie Jenner “Secret Crush” Report False

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Bill Clinton Crush Kylie Jenner Snapchat

By Shari Weiss |

Bill Clinton Crush Kylie Jenner Snapchat


Bill Clinton does NOT have a “secret crush” on Kylie Jenner, despite an absurd report. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which is easily one of the most ridiculous things we’ve read this week.

“SECRET CRUSH? King Kylie! See Why Jenner Could Be Bill Clinton’s Snapchat Idol,” RadarOnline blares in a headline, adding, “The former president seems to REALLY like the ‘KUWTK’ star’s style.” Um, what?

The site explains, “Bill took over his wife Hillary‘s Snapchat account earlier this week and the results were spectacular. The former president went on a tear, snapping pictures before the California primary of him with shades on, listening to Drake in the car. The goal was to spread the word about Hillary, but… the takeover just highlighted what he has in common with 18-year-old Jenner!”

Um, what? “Jenner too loves snapchatting her sunglasses,” writes the outlet. “And she’s often been caught listening to Drake in the car.” Well then, sound the alarms! Listening to Drake in the car and wearing sunglasses DEFINITELY means Clinton has a “secret crush” on the reality star.

Oh, but that’s not all RadarOnline has to offer. The webloid adds, “Another common thread weaving the two together? The have both made headlines recently for ongoing rumors of their sexual exploits: Jenner for her sex tape and Bill for his promiscuous past.” Again: Um, what?!

The former president is not “keeping up” with Jenner. He is not following her “style.” There is no “secret crush.” And, no, they are not going to become “besties.” To suggest otherwise merely because they act on Snapchat the same way as millions of other people is just insane. Of course, insane, absurd and ridiculous is RadarOnline’s specialty, and this one takes the cake.

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Bill Clinton has a secret crush on Kylie Jenner.


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