Big Sean Attacked At Meet And Greet, Man Arrested (VIDEO)

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Big Sean Attacked

By Shari Weiss |

Big Sean Attacked

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Big Sean was attacked at a meet and greet on Friday, leading to the assailant’s arrest. See video below.

Though Sean’s new album, I Decided, was digitally released earlier this month, physical copies only became available on Friday. In celebration, Sean took part in a promo event at a store in Queens, signing autographs for fans who bought the CD. At one point, though, a man approached the rapper and allegedly slapped him in the face.

Footage of the incident picks up after the physical attack, with the man being forcibly held down on the ground by security guards and police. The unidentified attacker can be heard ranting, “You p*ssy, n*gger. Birdman said!” Sean is seen watching the arrest from a few feet away, as fans ask him if he’s “good.”

As the video goes on, security orders the attendees to leave the area as the alleged assailant continues to curse and rant. “Tell Jay Z what’s up,” he yells as police escort him from the store. Despite his exit, fans were still ordered to leave, too, and the rest of the signing was apparently canceled.

Sean has not mentioned the incident on social media. Coincidentally, another performer, Aaron Carter, was also attacked on Friday, albeit several states away and under very different circumstances. Check out the video below.

UPDATE: Big Sean is denying the alleged attacker made any physical contact, but is providing new details on what went down. He wrote in a series of tweets on Saturday, “Look I never comment on this type of sh*t but they can’t do me dirty and say a fan smacked me or no sh*t like that. Some guy waited in line in the cold since 10am, bought my CD, when I signed his CD n shook his hand he TRIED to hit me off guard.”

“The dude was released from a mental hospital last week, has a long record of mental illness n was off his meds. Very serious issues. He claimed he had wrote songs for Michael Jackson, Jay Z n was wit Birdman etc. I’m hoping he’s getting the proper treatment he needs. I wanted to keep the signing going but the store shut it down. Sorry it got ruined for the rest of the real fans,” he continued.

Sean added, “I got the #1 Album in the country currently and am grateful for every listener who got love for me. Everyday a dream come true #IDecided.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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