Big Sean Reveals What’s “Most Attractive” About Ariana Grande In GQ Interview

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Big Sean Ariana Grande GQ Interview

By Shari Weiss |

Big Sean Ariana Grande GQ Interview

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Big Sean opens up about Ariana Grande in a new interview with GQ, discussing his relationship with the pop star and alluding to his ex-fiancée Naya Rivera.

The magazine notes the rapper has had a rather “serious” love life, and asks if he’s “always had girlfriends.” “Yeah, I’m more of a relationship type of guy,” Sean replies, explaining, “I’ve been single too, but even when I’m single, I don’t be out there like that. I’m not the type of guy to be all up in the clubs or sh*t.” He goes on, “I’d rather be with someone and do something productive together.”

GQ wonders if Grande and Sean’s relationship is particularly strong because they work in the same industry, and he responds by revealing what he loves about her. “The thing I find most attractive is a woman with her own drive and own goals. It’s never about egos. It’s just about what we share — that focus. When you have someone that understands what you’ve got going on, it’s awesome,” he says.

Sean’s new album Dark Sky Paradise, which features a collaboration with Grande, was released Tuesday. As Gossip Cop has reported, the couple’s song “Research” deals with cheating, and the track “IDFWU” is widely believed to be about Rivera. Asked about the record’s title, Sean tells GQ, “First of all it is darker than any album I’ve ever done. And I went through some dark times just like we all do, with relationships, personal relationships, romantic relationships, creatively. I feel like I had to dig myself out of a hole creatively and bounce back hard.”

He adds, “But throughout all of it, despite all the dark and crazy times I’ve been through, I still feel this is paradise.” What do you think of Sean’s comments?


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