Beyonce And Jay Z Not Wearing Wedding Ring Because Of Divorce?

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Beyonce Wedding Ring Jay Z

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Wedding Ring Jay Z

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Beyonce and Jay Z not wearing their wedding rings has nothing to do with a supposed divorce, despite a report from a frequently discredited outlet. Gossip Cop can expose the blatant sensationalism and misleading information.

Of course we’re talking about RadarOnline, which Gossip Cop has called out for repeatedly claiming Beyonce and Jay Z are splitting. The site has had little to no accurate information to back up its allegations. And that’s why it has once again resorted to twisting something rather benign to fit its divorce narrative.

A headline from the webloid on Friday announces, “No Ring On It! Beyonce & Jay Z Caught Without Wedding Bands Amid Cheating Rumors.” The accompanying story says, “Beyonce and Jay Z have done little to put cheating rumors to rest since the debut of Bey’s controversial new album, Lemonade.” Conveniently downplaying the singer’s public declaration of love during Wednesday’s concert, it’s instead pointed out that she was “not wearing her wedding ring” during a pre-show rehearsal photo.

“Meanwhile, husband Jay Z came out to support Bey’s first show, but he was noticeably ring-less as well,” the outlet continues. And despite initially setting up its case as essentially “no wedding rings post-Lemonade = divorce,” the site goes back on its own theory by pointing out, “Radar did some digging and made a shocking discovery — the couple has been ditching their rings for weeks now!”

But what the bad blog interprets as a sign of a split is actually refuted by the very photos it showcases. Sure, Beyonce and Jay were ring-less at a March basketball game. But they were also smiling and laughing together.

And when they “went without wedding bands” in February? As RadarOnline itself shows in the photo, Beyonce sat with her arm affectionately around her husband’s neck. To recap: The webloid thinks pictures in which Beyonce and Jay Z are showing PDA but not wearing their wedding rings is proof of an impending breakup.

That’s the kind of warped logic we’re dealing with here. The outlet even ends it pathetic piece by asking, “Do you think Bey and Jay are covering up a divorce?” Call us crazy, but it really seems like RadarOnline is just trying to cover up it mistakes.

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Jay Z and Beyoncé are not wearing their wedding rings because they’re getting divorced.

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