Beyonce “Upset” Over Her Post-Baby Body?

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Beyonce Post Baby Weight

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Post Baby Weight


Beyonce is “upset” over her post-baby body, according to a report. But someone might want to tell the superstar that, as she’s been flaunting her appearance all over Instagram. Gossip Cop can bust this obviously false story.

RadarOnline is exclaiming in a headline on Tuesday, “Baby-Weight Blues! Beyonce ‘Mortified’ Over Her Post-Birth Body.” Though the singer is increasingly going out in public since welcoming twins a few months ago, the webloid claims she’s “completely embarrassed about her plus-sized figure.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She’s mortified over everything from her supposed double chin and flabby arms to her butt and thighs.”

“She’s been in tears, complaining how the rest of the weight just won’t go away no matter how hard she diets and she can’t believe she’s squeezing into size 11 or 12 dresses,” claims the site’s supposed source, as if any real person close to Beyonce would actually tell a gossip outlet her clothing size. This alleged snitch goes on to claim the singer “insists she has at least 30 more pounds to lose, and she is talking about extreme liposuction if regular exercise doesn’t start to have more of an effect.”

Gossip Cop doesn’t doubt that Beyonce would like to lose more weight, but the notion that she’s “mortified” over her current curves is patently false. In the last three days alone, the performer has shared eight posts on Instagram in which she shows off her body. Some of those posts are slideshows that featured multiple pictures, including the one above. If she was so “upset” about her size, why would she be purposefully putting it on display? Beyonce has also been wearing outfits that actually emphasize her chest, midsection, thighs and butt. It’s almost as if RadarOnline wrote this story from an alternate reality.

But it’s not surprising. Back in February, the webloid falsely claimed Beyonce was going into “hiding” after the Grammys, as she supposedly didn’t want people to see her pregnant belly as it grew. Gossip Cop busted that story when it came out, and time proved us correct. She continued to go out publicly throughout her pregnancy, and even shared photos from her baby shower, where she had her big bump out for all to see. It seems quite apparent at this point that the online publication either has really terrible Beyonce “insiders” or is simply making up these articles. Either way, Gossip Cop is told this new tale about the singer having the “blues” over her weight is untrue.

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