Beyonce “Unhappy” With Jay Z At U.S. Open?

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Beyonce Unhappy Jay Z US Open

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Unhappy Jay Z US Open

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Was Beyonce “unhappy” with Jay Z at the U.S. Open? A new report claims they had an “awkward date.” Gossip Cop, however, can reveal what’s really going on.

On Friday, OK! posted a photo galley on its website with the headline, “Awkward Date! Beyonce Looks UNHAPPY Alongside Jay Z While Cheering On Serena Williams At U.S. Open!” Along with photos of the couple sitting in the stands on Thursday, the tabloid writes, “The two did little to squash rumors that they are having marital issues, as Jay Z paid little attention to his wife during the match, and Beyonce did not look too thrilled about it.”

“He even opted to spend his time during the tense match on his cell phone, as Bey look at him questionably,” continues the outlet. The magazine goes on to ask, “Do you think Beyonce is over it?” Well, Gossip Cop has it on good authority the superstar is “over” these kinds of stories, and frankly, so are we.

All OK! did was take a series of split-second photos and make judgments about what is or isn’t going on.” Beyonce and Jay Z are looking in different directions — they must be ignoring each other! Jay Z is on his phone — Beyonce must be mad!

It’s all, in a word, ridiculous. And Gossip Cop suspects that if the couple was enthusiastically interacting, they’d be accused of ignoring the match and being rude to Williams. When outlets shun reporting and make assumptions based on pictures to run sensational galleries and score traffic, that’s not journalism. It’s clickbait.

And when those assumptions are untrue, it’s unfair to both readers and the celebrities themselves. Beyonce and Jay Z, who supported his wife at the VMAs last weekend, simply attended the sporting event, just like they have in the past. It’s really as straightforward as that, and in no way supports the notion they’re having “marital problems.”

By the way, there’s photos of Beyonce and Jay Z smiling and laughing at the U.S. Open (like the one above). OK! just chose not to include them, as it didn’t fit its obviously false narrative.

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