Beyonce Did NOT Get Taylor Swift “Banned” From VMAs, Despite Claims

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Beyonce Ban Taylor Swift VMAs

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Ban Taylor Swift VMAs

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Beyonce did NOT get Taylor Swift “banned” from the VMAs, despite claims. Gossip Cop can correct the untrue reports.

One day before the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, MediaTakeOut exclaims in a headline on Saturday, “QUEEN BEY!! Beyonce Gets Taylor Swift BANNED From The VMAs… Showing She’s The Most POWERFUL WOMAN IN MUSIC!!!” The accompanying story says, “In case you were wondering who is the most important person in music — it’s BEYONCE. Earlier this week it was announced that Taylor Swift would NOT be performing at this years VMA Awards. Well according to reports it was Beyonce who got Taylor banned.”

The webloid’s only proof is a “blind item” that was posted on a gossip blog on July 27th. The riddle says, “This A+ list singer with the A+ list husband said she wouldn’t perform at an upcoming television show if this other A+ list singer was present. No problem. The network didn’t want the headache anyway.”

The answer posted on Friday said, “Beyonce/Taylor Swift/MTV VMA’s.” And, naturally, MediaFakeOut assumes it’s all true. But it’s not even remotely accurate.

Swift was never planning to attend the VMAs, as a guest or a performer. That was known the day the nominations came out in July, which was BEFORE this “blind item” was published. You can’t “ban” someone from an event when he or she wasn’t going in the first place.

And let’s not forget it was Beyonce who gave Swift time in the spotlight after Kanye West infamously interrupted her at the 2009 VMAs (see photo above). Beyonce is not now trying to prohibit Swift from attending the same event. Gossip Cop is told the claim is simply “made-up B.S.”


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