A report claiming Beyonce is "loving" listening to Taylor Swift's "diss tracks" about Kanye West on her new album is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can exclusively expose this sloppily fabricated story. We hear Beyonce has not shared her thoughts on Reputation with any websites.

HollywoodLife, which often publishes wholly manufactured articles, now alleges that Beyonce has listened to Swift's new album and "absolutely loves it, especially the revenge songs for Kanye." The often discredited site further contends Beyonce was "impressed by the honest lyrics of the tracks." Of course, the outlet doesn't mentions when she listened to Swift's new album or to whom she expressed her thoughts. Nor does the untrustworthy blog even mention which particular songs Beyonce supposedly enjoyed the most.

And if that didn't already raise questions about the veracity of the report from HollywoodLies, as it's known, then let's examine some of the seemingly concocted quotations from someone the site would like its readers to believe is a "source close to Beyonce." It should be noted, Gossip Cop has been told on several occasions that no one in Beyonce's camp is talking to that blog. We often half-kiddingly suspect that the closest anyone from that outlet has gotten to Beyonce was at a concert of hers.

Joking aside, HollywoodLies quotes its alleged "source" as saying, "Beyonce is loving Taylor's new album... listening to all the new songs while trying to decipher the lyrics." The same almost assuredly made-up "source" then says in back-to-back phrases, "Bey is also loving the entertaining Kimye diss tracks," immediately followed by "Beyonce is like anyone else and she appreciates some juicy drama like the beef between Taylor and Kanye." Again, not only does the supposed insider offer no specifics about which tracks Beyonce allegedly likes, but also no real person says in normal conversation, "She appreciates some juicy drama like the beef between Taylor and Kanye."

The first tipoff to Gossip Cop that these quotations were manufactured is that the seemingly fake "source" first calls the singer "Bey" and then next refers to her as "Beyonce." A friend of hers would call her one name or the other, but certainly not both in subsequent sentences. Still, we checked in with an actual Beyonce insider, who assures us no one in her trusted inner circle is leaking nonsense to HollywoodLies.

Of course, the site tried a similar tactic in August when Swift released "Look What You Made Me Do." At the time, HollywoodLies crafted an equally fictitious tale that falsely claimed Beyonce was excited about the Kim Kardashian "diss track." That was a lie, as were its stories nearly two years ago that wrongly maintained Beyonce and Jay-Z were getting a divorce. It appears the outlet is trying to capitalize on the recent release of Swift's album and simply made up the angle about Beyonce "loving" the West "diss tracks" on Reputation.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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