Beyonce and Jay Z have already spent $10 million on their twins, according to a new report. That is an outrageous amount of money, even for two wealthy superstars, so Gossip Cop took a close look at this suspicious story.

The claim can be found in the new issue of Life & Style, under the headline, "Beyonce And Jay Z's $10 Million Babies." The tabloid writes, "Designer diaper bags and diamond binkies! The Carters spare no expense on their mini moguls." Though the twins were only born earlier this month, it's asserted their famous parents have "already spent a fortune on them!"

"The twins' luxe lives are easily in the $10 million range," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. "Bey and Jay can afford to pamper them like a prince and princess," continues the supposed source, who goes on to content to the gossip magazine, "Money isn't a factor. It wasn't for Blue, either, but the twins seem to have spurred Beyonce and Jay to go even more over-the-top than usual. These babies will be living larger than life!"

So, how does the outlet come about the astounding $10 million figure? It's alleged the parents spent $3 million on nurseries, $12,000 on cribs and Chanel linens, $3,600 on Versace strollers and $1,200 on Burberry diaper bags. That's supposedly in addition to "$2.5 million bejeweled pacifiers by Summo and a 3-carat diamond pacifier set in 18K white gold for $17,000."

Plus, claims the publication, there's also two new bodyguards specifically for the twins, "which could cost as much as $1.5 million a year," on top of $400,000 for "four live-in nannies." For the record, that's not $10 million. It doesn't even total $7.5 million, which is still a number that should prompt skepticism.

One thing is certain: Beyonce and Jay Z are obviously going to be spending more on the twins than they did for Blue Ivy simply because there's two babies instead of one. But no one with whom Gossip Cop spoke could confirm the $10 million assertion, and many actually scoffed at the contention. It's also hard to believe Life & Style would know such purported details.

This is the same tabloid that wrongly claimed in a May 2016 cover story that Beyonce was pregnant, months after falsely alleging she announced a divorce from Jay Z. And just last month, the magazine tried to dupe readers with a Beyonce "delivery drama" article that was made up before she gave birth. Gossip Cop is told that while Beyonce and Jay Z certainly do splurge, this piece about the "twins' luxe lives" should be taken with a grain of salt, like all others from the gossip media.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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