Beyonce ‘SNL’ Sonogram Of Twins Video – WATCH!

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Beyonce SNL Sonogram Twins

By Michael Lewittes |

Beyonce SNL Sonogram Twins


Beyonce was given a sonogram on “SNL,” which revealed a first-look at her twins, played by Kenan Thompson and Tracy Morgan. Guest host Alec Baldwin played her starstruck doctor. Watch the “Saturday Night Live” video below of Beyonce’s twins.

The sketch began with Beyonce (played by Sasheer Zamata), exposing her pregnant belly for the doctor to examine with a sonogram. Inside her womb, we see her twins. Morgan first noted how spacious it was inside, and that there was “a recording studio in here.” The two boys then note that their mom must be someone special because every time someone sees her, they scream. “She must be a beautiful queen or a goblin,” conjectures Morgan. Thompson tells him their mother is Beyonce. But when his twin is still confused, Thompson explains, “I don’t even breathe yet, and I know who Beyonce is.”

Next, the boys talk about who they’re more like, Beyonce or Jay Z. Thompson says he’s “more like [his] dad’s kid, you know, hard,” while Morgan believes, “I’m more like my mom’s kid, because I’m pure sex.” Thompson also says he thinks he’ll be named “Jay Ray,” while Morgan expresses he’ll be named “something classy, like Lord Burberry.”

Thompson then warns his brother that they shouldn’t make their mom upset because “she’s having a hard enough time carrying us as it is.” “Oh no she’s not,” Thompson replies, before adding, “I heard she carried two full grown ladies for 10 years named Michelle and Kelly.” The reference, of course, was to Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, who made up the other two thirds of Destiny’s Child.

Right after that Baldwin apologizes to Beyonce for losing the sonogram’s picture of the babies because, he says, “It appears the babies are throwing some major shade in there.” Beyonce then sings, “Got my babies so sleepy right now” to the tune of “Crazy In Love” to get the twins to nod off. Check out the “SNL” joking about Beyonce and her twins.

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