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A story alleging Beyonce was "caught shapeshifting in front of celebs at Serena Williams' wedding" is 100 percent fake news. Gossip Cop can expose this fabrication, which comes nearly a month after a similarly absurd article about Jay-Z.

According to a YourNewsWire report published on Thursday, "Beyonce's legions of fans were dealt a devastating blow when the 'Single Ladies' singer was caught shapeshifting into a reptilian at Serena Williams' wedding ceremony on Saturday." There's multiple errors right in that first sentence. It should go without saying but, no, the superstar was not "caught shapeshifting into a reptilian." Therefore, there's been no "devastating blow" to her fans. Additionally, Williams' wedding ceremony took place last Thursday, a full week ago. It was not held on a Saturday.

This bizarre webloid, which illustrated its story with a photo Beyonce shared on Instagram of herself in the outfit she wore for the nuptials (see above), cites an alleged "security guard," who supposedly thought the singer's "horror show" was "some kind of high-end gimmick she was pulling out her [expletive] to entertain her fellow celebs." This unidentified (and likely nonexistent) person references the theme of the wedding, saying, "I thought she was riffing on some kind of Beauty and the Beast thing. You know, going from her usual pretty self to the most horrific looking short, pudgy creature covered in scales and greasy feathers and [expletive]."

"But then the security guard realized Beyonce was engaged in a bout of shapeshifting. The transitions between human and reptilian form seemed to be out of her control," contends the site, which further quotes the guard as saying, "She was panicking as everybody started looking at her. It became clear it wasn't some kind of avant-garde performance. She was under five foot tall, pudgy, covered in greasy feathers and scales. She gave off a real mean demeanor, like she'd tear your flesh, rip your face off if you gave her half a chance. Some people were gasping and horrified, others tried to cover for her, creating distractions and stuff."

Of course, the outlet has no photo or video evidence proving its utterly outrageous claims, but asserts this "account" was "backed up by a member of the waitstaff, who tweeted about his disturbing experience with Beyonce in her reptilian form." Conveniently, though, the online publication maintains "the waiter's tweets have since been deleted from Twitter, a social media network that takes a zero tolerance approach to members of the public naming and shaming reptilians."

That was the same excuse given last month when YourNewsWire claimed Jay-Z was "caught shapeshifting" into a reptile while onboard a United Airlines flight. The website insisted that many witnesses tweeted about the incident, but all the messages were then scrubbed from Twitter. In actuality, the photos of the tweets seemed to be wholly manufactured, as Gossip Cop could not find any real accounts with the usernames showcased. There was no legitimate evidence to back up the wild lizard allegation about the rapper, just like there isn't proof now to support these claims about Beyonce, even though Williams' wedding received worldwide coverage from many reputable publications.

It would be easy to write-off these celebrity reptile stories, of which there are many from this webloid, as junk not worth addressing. But this site also publishes real (if heavily slanted) news, mixing in articles on actual current events with these fabricated tall tales. When readers are seeing both together, they're being tricked into thinking even the most ridiculous stories could be true. That's why Gossip Cop remains committed to highlighting what is, in fact, fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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