Beyonce and Jay Z Did NOT Fight About Rihanna At Restaurant, Despite Report

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Beyonce Fight Rihanna Jay Z

By Daniel Gates |

Beyonce Fight Rihanna Jay Z

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Beyonce did NOT “flip out” at Jay Z in a “jealous rage” over Rihanna, despite a new In Touch report claiming the music super-couple had a public fight in a West Hollywood sushi restaurant over his relationship with the “Umbrella” singer.

Gossip Cop can bust the story, which comes from the same magazine that wrongly declared Beyonce and Jay Z “split” last November and was publicly slammed by reality star Casey Cohen last June after In Touch fabricated a story about Jay Z cheating with Cohen. That’s the type of facts-challenged outlet In Touch is.

In any case, this time the tabloid thinks it has a big scoop about Jay Z and Beyonce’s meal at Sushi Park on January 30. “They got into that nasty fight at dinner because he was texting about Rihanna,” explains a so-called “insider” for In Touch. “When they sat down to eat, Jay said he needed to wrap up a business chat. Bey demanded to know who he was texting with, and when he finally admitted it was about Rihanna, she ripped into him.”

Uh, was this “insider” sitting at the next table? Why in the world should anyone believe that a tabloid whose sources have been so consistently and outrageously WRONG about the couple believe that one of them apparently overheard their alleged argument at a restaurant?

“Beyonce wants Rihanna out of the picture and away from her husband,” continues the In Touch source. “Beyonce’s always viewed her as a threat and has had a nagging suspicion there’s more to their relationship.” The magazine’s insider adds, with unnatural exposition, “She’s been living with the Rihanna cloud hanging over her marriage for years, but it’s eating at her again now. She hates when Rihanna is in her face.”

Tabloids can’t stand it when there’s peace and harmony. And they can’t tolerate a married person having any kind of personal or professional friendship with someone of the opposite sex. That’s pretty much the only explanation for this kind of baseless report, beyond In Touch’s desire to put Rihanna, Jay Z and Beyonce together in sensational headline. Jay Z and Rihanna have been friends for years. He and Beyonce, despite what In Touch wants everyone to think, are not on the verge of splitting. As for the alleged “fight” at the restaurant over Rihanna, a source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the story is “silly and wrong.”


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