Story About When Beyonce, Jay Z Will “Reveal” Their Twins Is Fake News

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When Beyonce Reveal Twins Jay Z Babies

By Michael Lewittes |

When Beyonce Reveal Twins Jay Z Babies


A story purporting to know when Beyonce and Jay Z will “reveal their twins to the world” is fake news. Gossip Cop can easily bust this report, which was fabricated by a site that has a track record from making up false claims. We’re assured no one from their camp is talking to blogs about anything related to the couple’s babies.

HollywoodLife, which has been so often discredited that it’s earned the nickname HollywoodLies, now pretends to know when Beyonce and Jay Z will make public photos of their newborn twins. The repeatedly disproven site writes that it has been told “when the ‘perfectionist’ parents plan to go public.” It then reiterates it has “learned exclusively that [the] Carter-Knowles clan has special plans to reveal their new kids.” OK, so when will the big “reveal” be?

The blog naturally does not have that answer. Nor does the site, which alleges to have “insider” sources, even know the names of the babies. It stands to reason that if HollywoodLies knows when the twins’ “reveal” will be that it also knows their names. But, of course, the outlet does not. Simply, the webloid has once again been caught fibbing.

Instead of facts, the site has an unnamed source state the obvious. For instance, the bogus blog’s so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Beyonce wants everything to be absolutely perfect before revealing her babies to the world.” Well, that doesn’t answer when she and Jay Z will introduce their babies.

The same seemingly made-up source adds that because the twins had some medical issues when they were born, while Beyonce loves her fans, “she doesn’t care that they are eager to see them compared to the health of her babies.” The suspiciously phony “insider” goes on to claim the singer wants to lose her pregnancy weight first, “so until she feels like she’s where she needs to be everyone will just have to wait.” So basically, HollywoodLies does not know at all when Beyonce and Jay Z are going to “reveal” their twins to the public other than when she feels ready.

To put this into context, this is all coming from the same untrustworthy site that lied about Beyonce and the twins being released from the hospital days before they actually left the medical center. It’s also the same unreliable outlet that we busted when it falsely claimed a year ago that Beyonce and Jay Z were getting divorced. Of course, time has once again proven Gossip Cop right.

When HollywoodLies claims to have an “exclusive” or “insider” information about Beyonce, it appears to be guessing, at best. At worst, which is far too often, the blog is simply making up tall tales about the singer and her husband. An actual Beyonce source assures Gossip Cop that no one in her close-knit circle is talking to that site or any others about the twins.

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