Beyoncé NOT “Re-Hiring” Father Mathew Knowles As Manager, Despite Report

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Beyonce Rehired Father Manager Mathew Knowles

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Rehired Father Manager Mathew Knowles

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Beyoncé is NOT “re-hiring” her father Mathew Knowles as her manager, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told there’s absolutely no validity to the story.

The allegation comes from the National Enquirer, which claims, “Mega-mogul Jay Z’s sensing a mega-chill in his marriage after Beyoncé suddenly shocked him — and the entire family — by hinting that she’s re-hiring estranged dad Mathew Knowles to manage her empire again.”

“Maybe THAT’S why Jay sent Wifey that whopping bouquet of 10,000 roses just before the Super Bowl,” the supermarket tabloid wrongly speculates. The outlet goes on to quote a so-called “Beyoncé spy,” who alleges, “Jay Z knew something was up when Beyoncé abruptly fired her entire management team, and he’s infuriated by news that Daddy’s back again — years after he’d persuaded her to dump his ass!”

The National Enquirer even encourages readers to “stay tuned,” and they should… to Gossip Cop. We’re assured by an impeccable insider close to Beyoncé and Jay Z that she is NOT hiring her dad to be her manager again. Our contact even sniped, “Look who the source is.”

No kidding. The disreputable gossip rag outrageously said last fall that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s supposed “sham marriage” was coming to an end, with the superstars on the verge of divorce. Of course, they remain happily together, and there’s 10,000 roses that prove it. Furthermore, Beyoncé has already hired a new management team, of which Knowles is not part.

Gossip Cop suspects that the National Enquirer simply decided to fudge a story in the wake of Beyoncé making staffing changes and referencing her father in her new song, “Formation.” But if you’re going to seize on recent news, at least do it correctly.


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