Beyonce Pregnancy Stories Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Beyonce HollywoodLife Stories

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce HollywoodLife Stories

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As Beyonce nears the end of her pregnancy, HollywoodLife is making up “exclusive” stories to capitalize on the impending delivery. Gossip Cop can expose what’s going on.

As we’ve repeatedly pointed out, the webloid often takes a hot topic and pretends to have “exclusive scoop” related to the subject. And with Beyonce set to give birth to her twins in the near future, the site has turned its attention to the superstar. Their hope is to get favorable ranking on Google for “Beyonce” searches and to lure her Beyhive fan based by appearing to have original content and unique insight. The problem, of course, are that these stories aren’t authentic.

This began last week with the outlet purporting to know all about Beyonce’s delivery plans. The “exclusive” was based on a so-called “insider,” who asserted the singer was “committed to a natural birth.” The alleged source went on to contend what many would consider to be rather likely and obvious: Jay Z doesn’t want to see his wife in pain and Beyonce has lower back soreness. Well, it’s typical for a husband to want his wife’s delivery to be as pain-free as possible, and it’s typical for a pregnant woman, especially one carrying twins, to have a sore back.

HollywoodLies tries to pass off what’s fairly standard in any pregnancy situation as if it’s some kind of revelation obtained through insider access, which is what it did earlier this year with an “exclusive” about Beyonce’s pregnancy with twins being “difficult.” That method is also evident in the online publication’s subsequent stories. An “exclusive” published on Monday was about Beyonce being both “excited” and “nervous” for the twins’ arrival, with plans to be a “hands-on mom.” Again, hardly earth-shattering information. A random person on the street would likely assume the same, but the blog supposedly had a “source” telling them this.

Two hours later came another “exclusive,” this one about Beyonce’s “plans to get back into tip-top shape” following the birth. But the webloid’s “insider” merely said the star intends to do “the same kind of thing she did after she had Blue,” which is “basically, cut back on calories.” The supposed snitch added that the singer also “figures that all the running around after the new babies will be plenty of exercise.” Wow, a woman working on her post-baby body by cutting back on calories and getting natural exercise? That’s quite the scoop.

Of course, in actuality, it’s not a scoop at all. None of it was. In all three of these stories, HollywoodLies took common information pertaining to pregnant women and attributed it to “sources” and “insiders” close to Beyonce. The site apparently figures that if the information sounds reasonable and logical, it can’t be busted. But that’s not the case. The contentions may sound true and be rational, but if they’re not coming from legitimate contacts, then it’s still fake news.

And Gossip Cop has it on good authority that Beyonce’s camp is most definitely not talking to HollywoodLife about her pregnancy, or anything else for that matter. In February, for instance, when the media seized on Solange’s Grammys tweets, the outlet claimed to have an “exclusive” about Beyonce being upset with her sister’s comments. The story, however, had a flawed premise, as we pointed out at the time, and one of our own stellar sources close to the famous siblings assured us it was “total nonsense.” Just like now, HollywoodLies only wanted in on a popular topic.

But because the publication doesn’t have access, it resorts to manufacturing these “exclusives” with invented, fictional, and imaginary “sources” and “insiders.” Real outlets don’t need to do that. Real outlets get authentic scoops, like Beyonce’s rep, Yvette Noel-Schure, coming to Gossip Cop earlier this month with an exclusive statement that was picked up worldwide precisely because it was legitimate and significant. But here’s HollywoodLies, trying to traffic off the most obvious, unoriginal assertions. And it’s not lost on the superstar that she’s being exploited in this way. In fact, Gossip Cop is told, “HollywoodLife needs to stop making up stories” about her. Remember that when the site inevitably tries to peddle “exclusives” after Beyonce gives birth.

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