Beyonce NOT “Flirting” With Odell Beckham Jr. At Met Gala, Despite Report

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Beyonce Flirting Odell Beckham Jr. Met Gala

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Flirting Odell Beckham Jr. Met Gala

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Beyonce was NOT “flirting” with Odell Beckham Jr. at Monday’s 2016 Met Gala, despite a sensational new report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

In another one of its “world exclusives” (ahem), MediaTakeOut blares, “Beyonce Is Spotted WITHOUT Jay Z At The Met Gala… And She Was FLIRTING… With An NFL Player!! (We Got ALL The Tea HERE).” Of course, the site’s tea is usually sour-tasting as it’s often based on inaccurate and sometimes flat-out made-up information. And this new article is no exception.

MTO writes, “It’s the two-year anniversary from when Solange BEAT UP JAY in the elevator. And it’s now looking like last night may have been an even BIGGER ‘L’ for Beyonce’s husband. According to MULTIPLE eyewitnesses at the event — Beyonce was spotted CANOODLING with NY GIANTS star Odell Beckham Jr. Yes — this is not rumor it’s FACTS.”

“Now we’re not going to say that the two were CHEATING or anything,” the webloid goes on to say. “But there was DEFINITE flirtation going on between the two.” One supposed eyewitness is even quoted as saying, “Bey was talking with Odell for a long time. A little too long. Solange had to go and basically pull the two of them apart.”

Gossip Cop wasn’t aware that talking to someone for a long time constituted as “flirting,” much less possible “cheating.” There’s a reason why MediaFakeOut is basing its story on a mere conversation: Because nothing salacious happened.

Beckham, who has been linked in recent months to Zendaya, and Beyonce were simply two people chatting in a crowd of hundreds. That’s literally it. But this being MediaTakeOut, they had to go the sensationalistic route. After all, it’s the same site that once accused Blue Ivy of being a fake baby. Enough said.


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