Beyonce NOT Running For Office, Despite Report

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Beyonce Running Office

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Running Office

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Beyonce is NOT running for office, despite a seemingly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

“Does Jay Z Know? Beyonce Secretly Prepping For A Major Change,” reads a headline on the Star website. The accompanying story asserts, “Just like other Hollywood couples, Jay Z and Beyonce have faced a handful of marriage problems this year. Jay Z was put on full-time daddy duty while Beyonce finished her world tour. But time apart hasn’t boded well for their marriage, especially after a series of fights about trust earlier this year.”

“And it doesn’t sound like Beyonce has any plans to slow down with her career — even if it means letting her marriage crumble behind the scenes,” continues the tabloid. “In fact, she may have a shocking plan underway that will surprise fans — and leave Jay Z even more stranded than ever before as she dives into something new.”

So, what’s supposedly going on? Well, it’s said that after Beyonce campaigned for Hillary Clinton, she “caught the political fever… Beyonce now is loving politics so much, she’s telling family and friends that she’s thinking of throwing her name into the ring.”

“This political fire that’s been ignited in Beyonce is something she just can’t put out. Singing her songs to her fans is great, but singing her songs with a political message is a different level of fame, and is something she really believes in,” claims the magazine.

It’s further alleged, “This is her new passion. This is what she wants to do. She’s starting to think of the entertainment business as a little bit shallow, and nothing has rewarded her or made her feel so good as trying to ignite the youth and her fans to get out there and vote.”

But while Star contends Beyonce is “getting into politics,” she has no intention of doing so as an elected official. A rep for the superstar exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop that she has no plans to run for office. The spokesperson even calls the story “ridiculous.”

Of course, ridiculousness is the outlet’s specialty. This is the same tabloid that last month claimed Beyonce was using her tour to “avoid marriage trouble,” and forcing Jay Z to care for their daughter. The article, however, was published days after the tour ended and had absolutely no merit.

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