Beyonce, Jay-Z NOT Divorcing Over Blue Ivy Modeling Career, Despite Report

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Beyonce Divorce Blue Ivy Modeling

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Beyonce Divorce Blue Ivy Modeling

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are not divorcing over a dispute about Blue Ivy modeling, despite a report from a tabloid that’s spent years wrongly claiming the couple is splitting up. Gossip Cop can bust this latest story.

A headline in the current edition of the National Enquirer exclaims, “Bossy Beyonce Heading To $1B Divorce! She’s Pushing Blue Ivy To The Catwalk And Jay Further Away!” The accompanying article begins, “Just two weeks after the birth of twins, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage has exploded over their first child’s young modeling career.” That sentence, however, provides the first clue that this piece isn’t up to snuff.

The twins weren’t born two weeks ago. Beyonce delivered on June 13, roughly a month and a half ago. That’s a big difference, and if the supermarket tabloid was actually in-the-know, it wouldn’t have made such an egregious mistake. And yet the gossip magazine goes on to proclaim it has a “shocking scoop,” alleging “Beyonce went bonkers after Jay tried to put a stop to Blue Ivy’s glamorous red carpet appearances in glitzy outfits.

“Jay knows where this is all going and Beyonce hasn’t made a secret of it,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “Jay grew up hard and he feels like his success is a product of that. He doesn’t appreciate Blue Ivy wearing $10,000 Gucci dresses in public.” Apparently the outlet’s “insider” is unaware that the rapper doesn’t exactly hide his own wealth. Furthermore, his 5-year-old daughter has not stepped out in anything close to costing $10,000. It only takes a simple Google search to find out the real prices associated with the dresses Blue Ivy has worn.

The publication’s supposed source goes on to contend that Beyonce “feels like modeling would be a perfect springboard for Blue Ivy to achieve success in other ways. The stress of dealing with newborns may have played a role, but they blew up over this point.” And what about the couple now divorcing? Well the tabloid actually doesn’t say anything about that in its story, despite the sensational “Heading To $1B Divorce” headline.

It seems the magazine just wanted an attention-grabbing title, as they’ve used those for many past untrue Beyonce – Jay-Z divorce stories, and innocent Blue Ivy was chosen as the angle this time around. But Gossip Cop has confirmed the superstars are stronger than ever right now, and completely committed to their marriage and family. They both enjoy treating their daughter like a little princess, and it is not a source of tension between them. And far from pushing Blue Ivy towards a modeling career, her famous mom is right now focused on making sure she adjusts well to becoming a big sister before starting kindergarten in the fall.