Beyonce Avoiding Marriage Trouble?

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Beyonce Marriage Trouble

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Marriage Trouble

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Is Beyonce “avoiding marriage trouble”? A report published on Tuesday claims the singer is abandoning husband Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy. But Gossip Cop has the truth.

“Where’s Mommy? Jay Z Put On Daddy Duty In NYC As Beyonce Avoids Marriage Trouble,” reads a headline on the Star website, where the tabloid asks, “Does 4-year-old Blue Ivy know her parents are struggling with their marriage?” Along with paparazzi footage of the rapper walking with his little girl, it’s said, “While this may look like a sweet daddy-daughter dinner date at first, Jay Z may be thinking otherwise.”

Then, picking up claims from sister outlet RadarOnline, the magazine alleges “Jay Z has been forced into full-time dad duty as Beyonce runs around the world performing for her tour.” But the singer’s “Formation World Tour” ended on October 7, four days before this story was published. And not only that, but Jay Z actually joined his wife on stage at the final concert for a special performance.

That’s not a couple with “marriage trouble,” but a couple united. What’s really going on here is that Jay Z went out with Blue Ivy, just like many fathers and daughters do every day across the country. But because Beyonce wasn’t them, Star decided to sensationalize the outing and make it seem like husband and wife were purposefully spending time apart amid marital woes, as if Beyonce had forced Jay Z into caring for their daughter. This interpretation is both poorly-timed and simply inaccurate.

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Beyoncé is avoiding marriage trouble.


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