Beyonce did not get lip injections while pregnant, Gossip Cop is told, despite speculation. Rumors about the expectant superstar's plump pout popped up this week after she shared new photos on social media.

In one of its typically sensational headlines, MediaTakeOut exclaims, "SOMETHING WEIRD Is Going On With Beyonce's Face... Looks Like She Got KYLIE JENNER LIP INJECTIONS... Cause Her LIPS ARE GIGANTIC!!" Although the singer is currently pregnant with twins, the webloid is accusing Beyonce of getting cosmetic procedures done.

"We've heard of your NOSE growing during pregnancy... but can it happen to your lips too??" writes the site, claiming, "That's what Beyonce would like us to think." As proof of "her 'new and improved' lips," MTO features an undated "before" photo, along with a picture she posted on Instagram on Wednesday.

Of course, MediaFakeOut has no additional evidence to back up its assertions. The outlet is simply making assumptions and judging Beyonce's appearance. But the online publication apparently doesn't realize that some women experience swelling in their lips during pregnancy due to water retention. While this is most common in places like the legs, it can occur on other parts of the body, including the face.

Additional pregnancy-related factors can also cause mouth swelling. Kim Kardashian even made a point to show off her plump "pregnancy lips" back in 2013. The webloid also seems to be ignoring that Beyonce's lips are heavily overlined with lip liner and lipstick in the photo, which is a trick makeup professionals use to give the appearance of fuller lips.

Still, since Beyonce's lips do look different, Gossip Cop checked around to see if there was anything to the site's lip injections claims. When asked about the online speculation, one source clapped back, "Everyone needs to stop. Everyone. She is pregnant." Another insider was particularly angered at MediaFakeOut for peddling the rumor. "They are crazy," the contact told Gossip Cop, slamming the outlet for its "foolishness."

It certainly wouldn't be the first time MTO published foolishness about the performer's appearance. Last October, for instance, the webloid wrongly accused Beyonce of getting butt implants. The outlet's odd preoccupation with her body and how it looks says more about MediaTakeOut than it does the singer. UPDATE: In a statement exclusively provided to Gossip Cop, Beyonce's rep is slamming MediaTakeOut for its claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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