Beyonce, Lauryn Hill Feud Claim NOT True

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Beyonce Lauryn Hill Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Lauryn Hill Feud

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Beyonce and Lauryn Hill are not in a feud, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational and speculative story.

The claim comes from MediaTakeOut, which announces, “Beyonce And Lauryn Hill Were Photo’d BACKSTAGE Together… And It Looks… Like Bey Is Trying To CURVE LAURYN!! (Do You BLAME Her??)” Yes, this feud claim is entirely based on a single picture, as well as Hill’s purported reputation.

“Someone snapped a pic of Beyonce and Lauryn backstage at the Tidal concert. In the pic, it appeared that Bey was trying to SWERVE, while Lauryn was trying to talk,” writes the webloid. “Lauryn has a long history of being DIFFICULT — so we don’t blame Bey for wanting to get OUT OF THERE.”

Of course, nothing about the snapshot, which was taken in a split-second, indicates Beyonce wanted to “get OUT OF THERE.” The two are simply pictured standing next to each other, apparently in conversation, and Hill even has her arm stretched around Beyonce’s back. MediaFakeOut also has a history of jumping to conclusions about the superstar just based on a single photo.

It was only days ago that the bad blog used a pic to claim Beyonce had butt implants. And last month, MTO said Bill Clinton was hitting on Beyonce simply because they were shaking hands. It was nonsense, of course, as is this new photo-fueled feud story about Beyonce and Hill.


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