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A new story claiming to supposedly know why Beyonce "doesn't vibe" with Kim Kardashian and the reason the two have a "tense relationship" is simply made-up. The wholly manufactured article was cooked up by none other than HollywoodLife, a site so known for it fabrications that it's often referred to as HollywoodLies. In fact, at the end of its latest report, the often discredited outlet asks, "Did they get along when they found themselves together" at Serena Williams' wedding on Thursday, before adding, "And if so, what did they talk about? We have to know" (see below).

OK, if the website truly has a legitimate "source," who has "answers on why these two seem to rub each other the wrong way," as it states in the very first paragraph of its newly concocted article, then why does it question a little more than a 130 words later, "Did they get along" and "what did they talk about?" The answer it appears is because the outlet made-up its latest story and couldn't keep track of its lies. But the blog has published many falsehood about Beyonce and Kardashian over the years.

Anyway, to back up what's now clearly a complete fabricated story, HollywoodLies trots out an unnamed and purposefully untraceable "insider," who supposedly explains that they don't "vibe" because "Beyonce can't stand the whole reality TV thing, and she thinks Kim would do anything for fame." At best, the site is taking a good guess. But even if the outlet is correct about why they have a "tense relationship," the fact of the matter is no "insider" furnished this information to the repeatedly disproven blog since, by its own admission, it has no idea whether they got along or what they talked about at Williams' wedding.

This is all very interesting for a number of reasons. Now HollywoodLies claims to have an "insider," yet doesn't know whether or not Kardashian and Beyonce were friendly at Williams' wedding, but two days ago, the blog swore up and down that the two were "icy" to each other at the tennis star's nuptials. To recap: 48 hours ago, the site ran a headline that read, "Beyonce & Kim Kardashian Had An 'Icy' Exchange At Serena Williams' Wedding" (see below), and now it swears it has an "insider," who knows they have a "tense relationship," but still questions, "Did they get along?"

The answer is Kardashian and Beyonce were cordial to each other at Williams' wedding and even hugged. Additionally, Gossip Cop can confirm that they had a nice conversation at the marriage ceremony and shared photos of their kids with one another. By all accounts, we hear their interaction was nothing less than friendly.

As noted above, HollywoodLife makes up fake news about Kardashian and Beyonce a lot. Apparently, it manufactures so many articles that its (fabricated) stories often contradict each other. In any case, the reality star's rep has assured Gossip Cop on numerous occasions that the site publishes "false" reports about her.

A little less than a week ago, we caught the outlet site fibbing about Beyonce "leaking" photos of her twins to ruin Kardashian's baby shower. A source close to the singer told Gossip Cop that also was totally untrue. It appears the only "tense relationship" is the one HollywoodLies has with the truth.

Beyonce Kim Kardashian Relationship


Kim Kardashian Beyonce Relationship


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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