Beyonce and Kim Kardashian “United In Their Hatred” of Rihanna?

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Beyonce Kim Kardashian Rihanna

By Daniel Gates |

Beyonce Kim Kardashian Rihanna

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Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are supposedly “united in their hatred” of “seductive foe” Rihanna, according to a completely ridiculous new story in Life & Style, the same publication that falsely reported Kanye West had “dumped” Kardashian last year. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

According to the tabloid, Beyonce and Kardashian have “bonded over a common enemy.” Life & Style says “Team KimBey was born” when the two stars both became jealous of their husbands’ professional relationships with Rihanna.

The outlet claims that when West and Rihanna revealed their plans to tour together, Kardashian was fit to be tied. “Kim warned him that Rihanna is bad news and that she’ll hook up with any man to advance her career,” explains an “insider” for the magazine. West, of course, laughed off the implication, but that allegedly didn’t stop Kardashian from confronting Rihanna, says the tabloid.

“Kim took her aside and told her she’d better stay in line on the tour,” says the Life & Style source. “Rihanna thought Kim was joking.” When the singer allegedly mentioned the run-in to Beyonce, Beyonce supposedly “loved that Kim confronted Rihanna.” That’s because, according to the outlet’s insider, Beyonce has constantly fought with Jay Z over his purported flirting with Rihanna. “Beyonce wants to get Jay as far away from Rihanna as possible,” explains the Life & Style source.

Enough already. For years, the tabloids have been trying to link Rihanna romantically to Jay Z and West. It’s never been true. It seems like Life & Style just really wanted a sensational headline suggesting that Rihanna posed a threat to two superstar marriages. Considering how wrong the outlet has been on stories concerning all of the involved parties, it’s no surprise this report was also fabricated. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the rumored Kardashian-Beyonce distrust of Rihanna is “absurd and wrong.”


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