It's true Beyonce and Jay Z have had their marital problems, but the National Enquirer was wrong when it falsely reported in February that the couple was on the verge of a "billion-dollar divorce" shortly after she announced they were expecting twins. Gossip Cop busted that claim not long after the tabloid hit newsstands. And now nearly 11 months after the magazine published its story, it's clear we were right that all talk of Jay Z and Beyonce splitting up was 100 percent untrue.

In its original piece, the supermarket tabloid maintained that even though Beyonce was pregnant with twins, she felt "trapped and alone in a nightmare marriage." The magazine quoted a clearly ill-informed or fabricated "source" as contending, "Bey and Jay have had a really rough time, and they've been banking on another baby to get things back on track." But, noted the outlet, having two more kids won't "solve the couple's problems" and divorce was inevitable.

Four months after the publication's article, Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed twins Rumi and Sir, and more than a half a year after that they've still not announced a split, as the tabloid asserted they would. Of course, as Gossip Cop reported in February, the claim that Beyonce and Jay Z were getting a "$1 billion divorce" was untrue. And as we mentioned back then, the Enquirer was also the same outlet that falsely asserted the superstar performers were breaking up in 2011 and in 2015.

Not leaving bad enough alone with its inaccurate "billion-dollar split" story, the same publication incorrectly contended in July 2017 that Beyonce and Jay Z were divorcing over Blue Ivy's "modeling career," which he allegedly was adamantly against while she supported it. The reality is they are not breaking up. And Beyonce didn't feel "trapped and alone" while being pregnant with twins, as the tabloid claimed. Rather, she and Jay Z decided to expand their family after having overcome their marriage problems, which stemmed from his unfaithfulness, as alluded to in Beyonce's album Lemonade and confirmed in his record 4:44. Simply, Jay Z committed to righting the wrongs in his marriage, and he and Beyonce are not getting divorced.

As Gossip Cop likes to say: Time is not the friend of false rumors. And that has certainly been the case with the Enquirer's untrue report about Beyonce and Jay Z getting a $1 billion divorce. Now that almost a year has passed, perhaps the tabloid should stop spinning different angles that wrongly assert the couple is splitting up, and instead publish an article acknowledging its past mistakes, along with a pledge to better fact-check its claims.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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