Beyonce, Jay Z Shapeshifting Is Scientifically Impossible, Despite Fake News Stories

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Beyonce Jay Z Shapshifting

By Andrew Shuster |

Beyonce Jay Z Shapshifting

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There are two separate stories about shapeshifting featured on the homepage of a website that often publishes fake news. These articles contend that both Beyonce and Jay Z were caught turning into reptiles on separate occasions. It’s obviously absurd, but for the conspiracy theorists out there, Gossip Cop can also explain why shapeshifting isn’t scientifically possible.

In October, Gossip Cop called out YourNewsWire for publishing a phony story claiming that dozens of passengers onboard a flight from New York City to Los Angeles caught Jay Z shapeshifting into a reptilian. However, none of these supposed witnesses came forward to report the incident, which naturally wasn’t covered by any other outlet in the world.

Last month, the site wrote a similarly absurd report about Beyonce getting caught shapeshifting at Serena Williams’ wedding. Of course, not a single guest who attended the ceremony ever claimed that such an event took place. Gossip Cop busted that tall tale as well.

Unfortunately, both of these articles are still prominently featured on the homepage of YourNewsWire, a website that’s on a list of fake news outlets. For those who still have doubts, there are several reasons why shapeshifting is scientifically impossible. First, humans possess vastly different genetic information from a lizard, so it makes little sense why the site chose a reptilian for the cross-species transformation. On the other hand, humans do share DNA with chimpanzees, dogs, cats, mice, chickens, cows and even bananas. The metamorphosis still can’t happen, but any of those would have been better choices.

Now, let’s say that a person did somehow obtain the magic ability to turn into another creature. The restructuring of the human body into that of another species would tear apart the individual’s entire skeletal system. The person’s skin, bones and muscles would be torn to shreds, making it impossible for Beyonce or Jay Z to turn back into their human form following the mutation. One’s body would also reject the organs of another creature, but that’s just supplementary to all of the other issues.

It may be silly to have to explain the scientific impossibility of shapeshifting, but the stories about Jay Z and Beyonce turning into lizards have been shared an unfathomable amount of times on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets. It’s another example of the dissemination of fake news, regardless of how ludicrous it may seem.