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A story claiming Beyonce is "confident" Jay-Z will win his 22nd Grammy and beat Kanye West's record for the most wins by a rapper was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust this wholly manufactured report. No one close to the superstar singer said any such thing.

Jay-Z led the pack of Grammy nominees last month, scoring eight nominations. On the list of all-time Grammy wins, neither he nor Kanye West are near the top (the late Georg Solti holds the record with 31), but are both tied with 21 awards apiece. And although Beyonce herself has 22 wins to her name, no rapper has been honored by the Recording Academy more than Jay-Z or West. Now with Jay-Z's eight nominations for this Sunday's ceremony, there's a strong chance he'll move past West on the list and quite possibly surpass his own wife, too.

So HollywoodLife has taken what's common knowledge and used it for a fabricated report painting Beyonce as egotistical, overly competitive and fame-hungry. And it's clear right away that the blog is full of it, as it asks readers, "Planning to tune in for the Grammys on June 29th?!" The Grammy Awards are taking place on January 28, five months before the date given by the serial fabricators. (See screengrab below.) After that flub, the blog offers a rather obvious quote, with a so-called "insider" asserting, "Beyonce is ecstatic for her man and can't wait to go to support Jay at the Grammys."

No, she's unhappy for her husband of nearly 10 years and is totally dreading the event, says Gossip Cop with tongue-in-cheek. The blog's supposed source then ridiculously states, "Beyonce feels like Jay is the greatest rapper of all time and it is time the world acknowledges." Right, because he's received no significant recognition before? Then, enumerating what Gossip Cop outlined above, the site's almost assuredly fictional snitch maintains, "Both Kanye and Jay have 21 Grammys and Beyonce is confident that this will be the year that Jay pulls ahead of Kanye, and possibly pull[s] even ahead of her own mark of 22 Grammy wins."

This seemingly invented tipster goes on to contend, "Beyonce and Jay are fiercely competitive and while she will never say it in public, she thinks Jay is a much better artist than Kanye." So she's having an "insider" say it for her? Much like high school gossipers, HollywoodLies, as it's known, ends its piece by asking readers, "Are you loving these juicy details as much as us!?" Mind you, these "juicy details" are a mix of readily-available information and obvious assumptions. Anyone with an Internet connection could do the research to find out Jay-Z is likely to "pull ahead" of West this year and anyone with just a bit of common sense would conclude Beyonce is supportive of her husband.

Gossip Cop can confirm that no one close to Beyonce actually made these alleged comments, nor would they. She and her camp have way too much class for that. There's also a rather large detail left out of this story that further indicates HollywoodLies is far from being truly in-the-know. Nowhere is it mentioned in the article that Jay-Z will be honored at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy gala on Saturday with the Recording Academy's Industry Icon Award.

Here the outlet has concocted a whole piece about Beyonce believing her famous husband deserves to be recognized, yet nothing is said about the huge award he's getting that's directly tied to the Grammys. Perhaps the inept HollywoodLies doesn't know about it, just like it doesn't know the actual date of the awards show.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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