Beyonce, Jay-Z Getting Billion-Dollar Divorce?

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Beyonce Jay Z Divorce

By Andrew Shuster |

Beyonce Jay Z Divorce


Beyonce and Jay-Z are not getting a billion-dollar divorce, despite a completely untrue tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the nonexistent marital drama. There’s simply no truth to the split rumors.

The spouses of 11 years hit a rough patch a few years ago when the rapper was unfaithful to his wife, but they worked out their issues through therapy and their music. According to Star, however, the couple’s marriage is in crisis once again. “They’ve tried just about everything to make it work, but it may be too late,” an alleged insider tells the magazine. “Bey doesn’t want to waste more time trying to fix something that’s irretrievably broken, and she’d hate for the twins and [7-year-old daughter] Blue to grow up in an unhappy environment.”

The latest problem, according to the tabloid, is Jay-Z’s so-called “love child” Rymir Satterthwaite, who claims the rapper had an affair with his mom in 1992. Jay-Z has denied the unsubstantiated claim, but the outlet says Beyonce isn’t able to brush aside the scandal. “Bey’s done her best to put on a brave face through all of the infidelity reports, but actually having a child with another woman is something no wife could ever get over,” says the supposed source, who goes on to say that a divorce “may be the only way for her to find peace in life.”

The questionable tipster further contends that Beyonce will go after a large chunk of the couple’s $1.2 billion fortune, and “is going to make sure she gets the bigger piece of their brand’s profit.” The suspicious source concludes, “When they’re working together, they’re formidable, but beyond that, they just don’t have much in common anymore.”

It’s worth noting, the young man who alleges he’s Jay-Z’s son first made the claim in early 2015. The tabloid is trying to make it seem as if this is a new development, but Satterthwaite came forward with the claim nearly four years ago. It doesn’t make sense that Beyonce has suddenly decided to end her marriage over the years-old rumor that her husband fathered a love child.

Regardless, the tabloid’s cover story is provably false. Beyonce rang in the new year with an Instagram video featuring a compilation of clips from her past year. In addition to footage of the singer’s On the Run II Tour with her husband, the post also included shots of their vow renewal ceremony. Of course, OK! conveniently fails to mention that the spouses renewed their vows last year.

Meanwhile, People magazine reported last week that Beyonce and Jay-Z are “closer than ever.” The reputable outlet noted that the spouses spent most of 2018 on the road with their kids, and “enjoyed solo date nights and family fun.” The publication added, “They are definitely looking back at this year with huge smiles.” Beyonce’s Instagram video makes it very clear she and her husband are entering 2019 on a high note. There’s no billion-dollar divorce on the horizon, and the tabloid’s claim otherwise is baseless.


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