Beyonce Did NOT Claim To Be ‘Descended From Illuminati Bloodlines,’ Despite Fake News

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Beyonce Illuminati Bloodlines

By Andrew Shuster |

Beyonce Illuminati Bloodlines

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Beyonce never claimed to be “descended from Illuminati bloodlines,” despite a completely made-up report. The story comes from a website that frequently publishes fake news. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk this nonsense.

According to the unreliable blog YourNewsWire, Beyonce told friends and associates on the set of Jay-Z’s Family Feud music video that she’s “closely related” to the Rockefellers, the Bush family and the Queen of England. As the story goes, the singer discovered her heritage after using a “DNA test kit” gifted to her by Gwyneth Paltrow’s 13-year-old daughter Apple Martin. This tidbit is quite random, and was seemingly added just because Beyonce and the actress are friends.

The site then quotes the singer as having told her pals, “We are related to the Rockefellers on my Mom’s side. I thought that was something but we are also not-so-distant cousins of the British Royal Family.” Meanwhile, Beyonce’s family supposedly has “Bush blood running through our veins” on her father’s side. She’s further quoted as saying, “Shame it isn’t Obama blood. But it’s presidential blood, twice over.”

Some conspiracy theorists believe the Rockefellers, the Bushes and the royal family have ties to the Illuminati and other secret organizations. As such, the outlet insists that Beyonce’s status as a music superstar is a result of her family tree. Of course, there’s no actual evidence to suggest that any of those powerful political families are connected to the Illuminati, but even if that were the case, Beyonce never claimed to be blood-related to any of them.

Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked with a source close to Beyonce, who laughed off the webloid’s story before exclusively assuring us it’s “not true.” The singer never told anyone she’s descended from the rich and powerful. It’s also worth noting that the conspiracy theory about Beyonce being in the Illuminati has been previously debunked.

Gossip Cop is not entirely shocked by this tall tale. YourNewsWire is a known fake new website that’s published several other bogus stories about the singer, including one about how Beyonce supposedly got caught “shapeshifting.” This latest article about the music star is equally unfounded.

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