Beyonce, Jay Z Have NOT Hired 18 Staffers For Twins, Despite Report

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Beyonce Jay Z Hire 18 Staff Twins

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Beyonce Jay Z Hire 18 Staff Twins

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Beyonce and Jay Z have not hired 18 staffers just for their twins, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. We’re told it’s “false.”

According to the National Enquirer, 1-month-old Rumi and Sir Carter are “already being treated like royalty,” now that their parents have supposedly hired 18 new people to help take care of them. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid, “The staff includes additional security, six nannies, two maids, a 24/7 rotating team of nurses, and even a financial investment advisor.” And as for the twins’ futures, the magazine’s purported insider further claims Beyonce and Jay Z have hired a “trademark expert to acquire social media names and tags for the babies.”

The outlet’s questionable source goes on to claim Jay Z is doing “all he can to keep his children safe” by also making sure all their vehicles are bulletproof. “They’re taking no chances with the safety of their family,” purports the tipster, adding, “Bey’s entourage just got a whole lot bigger, but thankfully, she and Jay have the cash to do it.” Before Gossip Cop debunks the rest of the tabloid’s tale, is it seriously implying that they were not concerned about Blue Ivy’s safety, but suddenly became nervous about the entire family now that they have twin babies?

Regardless of some of the publication’s nonsensical claims, Gossip Cop investigated. It should be noted that much like Rumi and Sir’s names, Beyonce and Jay Z tried to lock up the trademark for Blue Ivy as well. Additionally, the babies do not have their very own “financial investment advisor” who’s consulting them on securities to put money in. It’s a complete absurdity. Beyonce and Jay Z are putting into place accounts and trusts for the newborns in much the manner they have for Blue Ivy, and the way other people with means do for their kids.

In any event, an actual insider assures Gossip Cop the Enquirer’s report is almost entirely “false.” While it’s true the couple has hired more nurses to help with the newborn twins, they have not added 18 more people just for Sir and Rumi. It’s simply fake news.

Remember, this is all coming from the same publication that falsely reported in February that Beyonce and Jay Z were on the verge of a $1 billion divorce. And even though the two have been open about their past issues, as Gossip Cop has maintained, they were never close to separating. That story was untrue, and so is the current article about Beyonce and Jay Z hiring 18 staffers for their twins.