Beyonce, Jay Z Fight Over Blue Ivy School NOT True

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Beyonce Fight Blue Ivy School

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Fight Blue Ivy School

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Beyonce and Jay Z are not fighting over where Blue Ivy should go to school, despite a report. Gossip Cop can correct the untrue story.

In a typically sensational headline, RadarOnline blares, “Lemonade Part Two? Beyonce & Jay Z’s Biggest Fight EVER Exposed.” Of course, “biggest fight ever” is a phrase the outlet likes to use frequently. In fact, a February 2016 story about the couple teased, “The secret reason for their biggest fight ever revealed.”

Now nearly a year later, what’s supposedly going on this time? “Beyonce and Jay Z are at each others throats yet again, but this time the other woman is their daughter, Blue Ivy,” claims the site. A so-called “source” alleges the famous parents “had it out over whether or not Blue was going to attend school in L.A., or go back to the east coast to attend school in New York or New Jersey. Or even if she should be home-schooled.”

“Of course Beyonce won the argument,” asserts the supposed snitch. “When she is five, Blue Ivy will be starting Kindergarten in L.A.” But how, exactly, what this the couple’s “biggest fight ever”? Tellingly, the webloid and its “source” never say.

It seems RadarOnline just wanted to be misleading, which is par for the course. This is, after all, the same outlet that said Beyonce was “close to five months pregnant” in January 2016. Now the blog is kicking off 2017 with another untrue tale. Gossip Cop is told there has been NO dispute between Beyonce and Jay Z about Blue Ivy’s schooling, contrary to these random claims.

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