Beyonce Feud Rumors

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Beyonce in a black and white decorated outfit at the Lion King premiere

By Griffin Matis |

Beyonce in a black and white decorated outfit at the Lion King premiere

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Beyonce is an undeniable icon, wielding an army of dedicated fans and an ever-expanding repertoire of critically praised projects. With that level of influence and power, however, comes a constant barrage of false rumors in an attempt to capitalize on “Queen Bey” and her life. Gossip Cop has debunked plenty of these claims, but we noticed that there was a propensity to throw the singer into made-up feuds with other famous women.

In July 2018, shortly after the surprise release of Beyonce’s Lemonade, Gossip Cop had to address the rumors that Beyonce targeted Gwyneth Paltrow in one of her songs. Amber Rose appeared on an episode of the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast, hosted by Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. During the show, Rose stated that she thought Paltrow was the subject of Beyonce’s infamous line about a woman Jay-Z had an affair with: “Becky with the good hair.” Rose added that Beyonce and Jay-Z were friends before the infidelity rumors, but once those allegations came to light, “you don’t see Gwyneth Paltrow with Beyonce anymore.”

However, Rose later backtracked on these claims with a tweet saying her theory was merely a joke and accused sites claiming otherwise of “clickbait.” Still, Gossip Cop checked with Paltrow’s spokesperson, who called the idea “absolutely absurd and false.” Paltrow even positively mentioned Beyonce in an interview after the supposed incident took place. There was no actual evidence of any animosity between Beyonce and Paltrow.

This past March, Star falsely reported Beyonce was destined for a “catfight” with fellow musician Taylor Swift at this year’s Academy Awards. Swift stars in the film adaptation of the legendary Broadway musical Cats, due to be released next month, while Beyonce contributed an original song for Disney’s live-action The Lion King. According to the outlet, both singers expect they’ll be contenders for a 2020 Oscar. The tabloid cited an anonymous source that claimed that the two were “desperate” for success and have “identified each other as a big threat.”

However, at the time of the article’s original publishing, Swift hadn’t even finished filming the movie, let alone started campaigning for an award. Additionally, we pointed out that Swift would be performing songs that were originally from the musical, meaning she wouldn’t be competing against Beyonce in the Best Original Song category. The two simply can’t compete on account of being in totally separate categories. Still, we went the extra mile and double-checked with one of our sources in Beyonce’s camp, who told us the claim was just as ridiculous as we initially thought.

The biggest “feud,” however, emerged around August 2018. After Beyonce and Jay-Z filmed a music video at the Louvre, the National Enquirer alleged that the two were trying to set up another video shoot at Buckingham Palace. According to a totally unnamed “spy,” the queen herself rejected Beyonce and Jay-Z’s request. “Beyonce might be pop royalty,” the so-called insider said, “but she got a firm ‘no’ on access to Buckingham Palace.” The tabloid even included a photo of the queen with a text bubble next to her proclaiming, “Girl, you’re just a cheap imitation [of royalty].”

The story came with absolutely zero proof, and it looked suspiciously similar to a previous story from the outlet about the couple getting rejected by the Colosseum in Rome. Regardless, Gossip Cop reached out to Buckingham Palace to clear the air about the Bey-hive versus the royal family. The palace’s spokesperson laughed off the rumor. The location’s filming policy does dictate that requests need to be received at least a month before filming, but the superstar couple never filled out an application. Much like the previously mentioned stories, Beyonce wasn’t actually feuding with anyone despite tabloid insistence otherwise.


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