Beyonce Did NOT Try To Upstage Rihanna At MTV VMAs, Despite Feud Claim

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Beyonce feud Rihanna

By Michael Lewittes |

Beyonce feud Rihanna

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Beyonce did not try to upstage Rihanna at the MTV VMAs last month, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story, which alleges Beyonce was looking for “revenge” on Rihanna. We’re told it’s all untrue.

According to In Touch, even though Rihanna was being awarded the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and performed four different medleys throughout the VMAs, Beyonce “made sure she was the one everyone was talking about at the end of the night” with her 15-minute performance of songs from her new album Lemonade. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid in unnaturally explanatory language, “Beyonce and Rihanna have been feuding for years over everything from their careers to Bey’s husband, Jay Z.” The seemingly fake insider is further quoted as saying, “When MTV asked Beyonce to perform at the VMAs, she knew she wanted to upstage Rihanna. Beyonce felt like this was her chance to finally put Rihanna in her place.”

Oddly making sure to use their full names instead of pronouns, the publication’s alleged “source” claims, “Beyonce has always been extremely threatened by Rihanna,” noting how the latter received better reviews for Anti than were given for Lemonade. “The feud between them is very real,” says the outlet’s seemingly fake “source,” before adding, “Not only are they each other’s biggest competition in the music business, but Beyonce feels like sometimes she’s competing with Rihanna for Jay’s attention. Beyonce hates how close they are.”

The tabloid then fills out its space with baseless “rumors” about Rihanna’s “closeness to Jay.” Its supposed “source” contends Beyonce finds it “disrespectful” that Rihanna has never denied the whispers.

Forget how the “source” weirdly goes between alternately referring to “Beyonce,” “Bey,” “Jay Z,” and “Jay,” though an actual insider would only call each of them by one name. Forget how every sentence from the “source” is crafted to push the tabloid’s false narrative of a “nasty feud” between the two superstar stars. Those are just proof of how sloppily the magazine fabricated its article.

Gossip Cop deal with facts. And the fact is Beyonce did not attempt to “upstage” Rihanna, nor are the two women in any “feud.” A mutual friend of ours as well as of each of the singers exclusively assures us the In Touch story is “horses**t.” Our impeccable insider goes on to confirm that Rihanna and Beyonce are really “good friends.”

The magazine has made this false claim in the past. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the publication when it wrongly reported that Beyonce got into a fight with Jay Z over Rihanna in a restaurant, where he was supposedly texting the Barbadian singer. Much like that inaccurate report, the current one involving the two female singers is also untrue. Even Rihanna has said there’s no rivalry with Beyonce.

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