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Was Beyonce four months pregnant with her second set of twins last fall? That’s what one tabloid reported. Gossip Cop waited a few months before tackling this rumor to make sure we came to the right conclusion.

NW reported last fall that superstar Beyonce Knowles-Carter was pregnant for the third time and was expecting another set of fraternal twins. Beyonce reportedly conceived the twins via IVF and the double blessing couldn’t have come at a better time, the outlet insisted, since “the pregnancy has helped the couple bring their once-rocky 11-year marriage back from the brink.”

“Beyonce and Jay are beyond thrilled to be expanding their family again,” a tipster told the publication, before adding, “They’re still keeping things under wraps before officially confirming, but the word is, she’s around four months along, if not further.”

There’s three main reasons why the outlet felt confident reporting this news: one, their suspicious source. Two, Beyonce posted a photo to Instagram wearing a bracelet she’d worn in 2011 during her pregnancy with daughter Blue Ivy, which must be an indication that the pop icon is expecting once again. Finally, there was Beyonce’s behavior at her and Jay Z’s niece’s 21st birthday party. “Our insider notes Bey fueled the stork talk by avoiding alcohol and caressing her tum at the Gatsby-themed event,” the outlet slyly added.

The outlet, not content with simply spreading the rumor that Beyonce was pregnant with twins, doubled down and proclaimed that Jay Z and Beyonce were planning to “renew their wedding vows in Hawaii for a second time — possibly even during the pregnancy.” The so-called “insider” concluded, “What better reason than timing it to celebrate the arrival of two more babies?" Not one word of this erroneous report is remotely true.

In the months since this article was published, there has been no announcement from either Beyonce or Jay Z about a pregnancy. In that same vein, Beyonce has posted multiple photos of herself looking distinctly not pregnant. If she was already four months along, if not further, last fall, then the “Single Ladies” singer would probably be due to give birth any minute now. Where are the babies? Also, this outlet based all their information on the word of an anonymous source and the fact that Beyonce wore a bracelet. That’s not considered solid evidence anywhere. That’s why Gossip Cop decided to rate this story as totally false.

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has come across an untrue story about Beyonce in the pages of NW. The dubious outlet claimed Beyonce was furious with both Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively for a joke about her in Deadpool 2. This was a total fabrication, Gossip Cop discovered. While looking through old busts about Beyonce, we couldn’t help but notice that there were multiple stories that claimed the pop star engaged in diva behaviors. Gossip Cop compiled all those rumors in an article of their own. It’s clear that tabloids are totally obsessed with Queen Bey, or at least obsessed with the attention that comes along with speculating about the popular singer’s personal life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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