"Beyonce's Twins: Delivery Room Drama," blares a headline on the cover of In Touch that seemingly is trying to mislead people into believing that she not only went into labor already, but also that there may have been complications and "drama." And even though inside the magazine another headline similarly reads, "Beyonce: Drama In The Delivery Room," after readers have shelled out $3.99 for the tabloid, the actual story they get doesn't deliver anything like that.

Instead, the premise of this terribly deceptive bait-and-switch article is that while she kept her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy "under wraps," this time around with her twins, Beyonce is "celebrating with photo shoots." So, where exactly is the "drama"? The publication has a so-called "insider" quoted as saying without any proof that Beyonce has a "lot of fear about this pregnancy because it's high risk." The magazine also alleges without any evidence that the superstar singer is "stressing out over everything from security to surprise visitors." Her husband Jay Z, says the same questionable source, doesn't want security cameras in the "hallways or elevators" of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

The tabloid then blathers about how the celebrity couple is supposedly having "everything in the hospital room upgraded," including the bed, drapes and "guest seating." "They also made a plan to have everything fully catered," adds the alleged "insider." Again, where is the "drama in the delivery room"? If anything, if one can suspend reality and believe In Touch, there should be absolutely no drama and instead just comfort and luxury.

At the end of the completely disingenuous story, the publication claims Beyonce's "biggest worry" is that her estranged father Mathew Knowles will "show up uninvited," because she wants "everything to be perfect as they become a family of five." So, as opposed to a real-life scary "drama in the delivery room" that might have a woman experiencing unexpected complications, the big issues for Beyonce that warranted an alarming mention on the magazine's cover include her dad possibly trying to visit her and her "guest seating" not arriving on time?

There entire article is nothing more than horrible sensationalism masquerading as journalism, something In Touch is seemingly not very good at when it comes to Beyonce. Gossip Cop has repeatedly exposed the magazine for its poor reporting about the singer. Did the magazine again rely on the same "insider" who fed the outlet the verifiably wrong cover story that claimed Beyonce and Jay Z split in November 2014. That story was a lie, as was the tabloid's cover that maintained it had Beyonce's divorce announcement from Jay Z in 2015. There's "no drama." As far as Gossip Cop can tell, the only thing that's scary is how the publication prints untrue tales about Beyonce.

Last week, Beyonce's rep slammed a false claim about the singer getting lip injections while pregnant. Maybe it's time the tabloids and bad blogs leave the singer alone and stop printing fake news about her before she gives birth to her twins.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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