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Beyonce has not yet given birth, but Life & Style is trying to mislead readers with its new issue. On the front of the tabloid, a headline teases, "Beyonce Delivery Drama." It was designed to make consumers think the superstar has welcomed her twins in dramatic fashion. The magazine's hope is that readers will then shell out $3.99 to find out what supposedly went down.

Inside the edition, the outlet pulls a bit of a bait-and-switch. "Beyonce Drama Before the Delivery," reads the headline, which has a far different implication from the cover line. The publication knows the singer is due to give birth in the near future, so it tried to lure in eyeballs with a teaser making it seem like she had in fact already delivered. And the actual story is written in the past tense, as if Beyonce has indeed given birth, and only the tabloid knows what happened just before her twins' arrival.

"The days leading up to Beyonce's due date were filled with uncertainty and drama for Bey and husband Jay Z," writes the magazine, alleging the singer was "lashing out" as she became "overwhelmed" with "last-minute details." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "She had a meltdown at one point. She totally lost it, yelling at Jay." The outlet goes on to assert, "As her delivery date drew nearer, tensions mounted."

The publication claims the couple clashed on everything from locking down a new home to getting to the hospital in secrecy. Continuing its tale as if the delivery has already happened, the publication maintains, "The singer planned to check in with a false name and her team set up two 'decoy' cars to mislead paparazzi on the way to the hospital." The article even alleges "Beyonce's staff installed blackout drapes and extra seating in the hospital room in advance" to make the "delivery as luxurious as possible."

Ultimately, the tabloid and its purported source insist "Beyonce spent the final weeks of her pregnancy 'literally counting the days.'" But despite how this report is worded, the "final weeks of her pregnancy" aren't over yet. All these details about what supposedly took place haven't actually happened. Again, Life & Style knows Beyonce is due to give birth soon, so it ran a "delivery drama" story, hoping it its fictional tale would coincide with reality.

But Beyonce did not have "delivery drama," as the cover claims. And she has not had "drama before the delivery," either, as the headline asserts. The tabloid made up a story to be ahead of the curve, but this fake news is a total misfire. See a photo of the cover lie below. By the way, Life & Style's sister outlet In Touch also tried to dupe readers earlier this month with a Beyonce "delivery room drama" story. They are two peas in a shameful pod.

Beyonce Deliver Drama Life And Style

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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