Beyoncé NOT Dead: Death Hoax With Fake CNN Story Falsely Claims Singer Died In Car Accident (PHOTOS)

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Beyonce Dead Death Hoax

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Dead Death Hoax

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Beyoncé is NOT dead. The superstar singer did NOT die in a “ghastly car accident,” despite a FALSE rumor spreading on Twitter on Monday night. Gossip Cop can confirm the claim is NOT TRUE, and that Beyoncé is 100 percent ALIVE AND WELL.

#RIPBeyonce began trending after a purported CNN article announcing Beyoncé’s supposed death began circulating on Twitter. With a “Breaking News” label and a headline that read “Music Sensation Beyoncé Knowles Dies In Car Crash,” the photoshopped article said “Super star songstress and wife to billionaire music mogul Sean ‘Jay-Z’ Carter, Beyoncé Knowles today died in a ghastly car accident on the way back from a meeting with one of her executives.”

The FAKE story continued, “So far there has been no further news from either her husband or her family. This marks a huge blow to an industry.” Despite the awkward writing, thousands of fans were duped by the article, and retweeted screengrabs of the made-up story over and over. Making matters worse, a “@CnnNewsFacts” Twitter account, that is NOT associated with the network, also tweeted, “BREAKING NEWS: BEYONCE WAS INVOLVED IN A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH! #RIPBeyonce.”

The tweet was accompanied by an image of a car crash that was actually taken at the site of Paul Walker’s fatal accident in 2013. Again: Beyoncé is ALIVE. She is NOT dead. Death hoaxes like this are gross, and using REAL accident photos from another celebrity’s fatal crash makes it all the more disgusting. Gossip Cop sincerely hopes that the only thing that dies out are these awful hoaxes.

Beyonce Death Hoax


Beyonce Paul Walker Death Hoax



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