Beyonce NOT “Caught Canoodling” With David Guetta At Coachella, Despite Claim

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Beyonce David Guetta Photo

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce David Guetta Photo


Beyoncé was NOT “caught canoodling” with David Guetta at Coachella, despite a claim from the rumormongers at MediaTakeout.

On Monday, the webloid declared, “MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce Is CAUGHT Creeping… She Was Backstage… FLIRTING And CANOODLING… With MULTI-MILLIONAIRE David Guetta!!!” MediaTakeOut went on to claim the two stars were “EXTRA TOUCHY FEELY” after Guetta’s show on Sunday night, and cited a “snitch” as saying the deejay had his “hands around Beyonce’s waist and they hugged for a long time. He put his head into her neck, and I think he might have kissed her [on her neck].”

“It wasn’t anything OVERTLY wrong. But there was definitely chemistry there between them,” speculated the MediaTakeOut “insider,” who then opined, “I think it’s wrong for a married woman to act up like that with a man.” No, what’s ACTUALLY wrong is for an outlet to irresponsibly suggest that a simple greeting between two longtime friends amounts to some kind of cheating scandal.

There was no “flirting.” There was no “canoodling.” Guetta even took to Instagram to thank both Beyoncé AND Nicki Minaj for checking out his set, and posted pictures with both of them (see below), which Minaj even reposted on her own page. So, is Minaj “creeping” with Guetta, too? Of course not.

Just like in January when MediaFakeOut, er, MediaTakeout ridiculously claimed Beyoncé was upset because a Clippers cheerleader danced in the general vicinity of Jay Z, the site is once again sensationalizing an innocuous situation for cheap traffic. It’s a shame.

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