Beyonce Upset About Cheerleader Dancing In Front Of Jay Z At Clippers Game?

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Beyonce Cheerleader

By Daniel Gates |

Beyonce Cheerleader

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MediaTakeOut publishes a lot of dumb stuff about Beyonce and Jay Z. But a new story on Friday might take the cake. According to the webloid, Beyonce was upset because a cheerleader danced in front of Jay Z during the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday. That’s really what MTO is saying.

“Last night, Jay Z and Beyonce attended the LA Clippers game – and it was almost a PROBLEM again,” explains MediaTakeOut. “You see, this one BLONDE CHEERLEADER keeps doing her SCANTILY CLAD DANCES in front of Jay Z – and Beyonce CLEARLY does not like it.” To illustrate its point, the blog shows a picture of Beyonce not smiling.

MTO continues, “Earlier in the week – Beyonce gave the girl the EVIL EYE… but she ain’t get the hint – cause last night she was up GYRATING in front of Jigga. We’re with BEY on this one. Some b*tches can’t take a hint… and they won’t respect your relationship until you give them a dose of that ACT RIGHT!!!”

Above is another picture from Thursday’s game, which MediaTakeOut chose not to use. You can see how upset Beyonce clearly is (ahem). Cheerleaders dance at basketball games. Beyonce and Jay Z sat court side. Therefore, when the cheerleader came out to perform, she was in front of Beyonce and Jay Z. That’s it. There’s nothing salacious or sensational going on here. Cheerleaders gyrate and do the same moves in front of everyone who sits where Beyonce and Jay Z were sitting. It’s called a dance routine. We have a feeling Beyonce is familiar with the idea.

This is the same outlet that repeatedly claimed Beyonce faked her pregnancy with Blue Ivy. It’s the same one that repeatedly and falsely claimed she and Jay Z were having marriage problems. It’s the same blog that spread lies about Beyonce fans physically attacking Keri Hilson, and once alleged that Beyonce and Jay Z had separated, and so on. MediaTakeOut seems to exist to spread fake reports about Beyonce. Ignore them.


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