Beyonce NOT Challenging Wendy Williams To “Sing-Off” After Auto-Tune Diss, Despite Report

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Beyonce Wendy Williams Sing Off

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Beyonce Wendy Williams Sing Off

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A new story claiming Beyonce is challenging Wendy Williams to a “sing-off” is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this fabricated report, which comes from a website known for its bogus celebrity stories.

During a discussion on Tuesday’s “Wendy Williams Show,” the talk show host spoke about Fergie’s widely panned national anthem performance at the NBA All-Star Game. From there, Williams went on to criticize Beyonce, claiming the singer can’t perform live without auto-tune. “There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs autotune,” said Williams, before adding, “Jen Lopez needs autotune, Janet [Jackson] needs autotune, Beyonce needs autotune. Adele, Aretha, Celine, Dionne Warwick, and Mariah, they need nothing. They sing raw dog.” But according to the often disproven HollywoodLife, Williams “should have thought twice before coming for Beyonce.”

A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the online publication, “If Beyonce really worried about what Wendy Williams said then Beyonce would not be Beyonce. She is so far above that chatter. She just had to laugh it off.” The website goes on to quote its alleged “insider” as saying, “But, if Wendy ever wanted to put her money where her mouth is she would welcome a sing-off between the two to show who can really sing, and who is just a big bag of hot air.”

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight. As we’ve noted in the past, no one from Beyonce’s trusted inner circle is talking to the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies about the singer. In reality, this latest piece of fiction is just another example of the outlet attempting to capitalize on a story in the news, while inserting its own ridiculous angle. Obviously, the idea that Beyonce would entertain a “sing-off” with Williams is absurd.

Regardless, Gossip Cop still fact-checked the article, and an impeccable source close to the singer tells us the report is 100 percent “made-up.” Unfortunately, we’re not remotely surprised by HollywoodLies’ latest concocted story. Remember, we just called out the unreliable blog five days ago when it falsely claimed Beyonce was steering Jay-Z away from acting because she wanted to keep him from being with actresses.

That bogus narrative was created after Tiffany Haddish said in an interview that she saw Beyonce intervene when an actress flirted with the rapper at a party. Resorting to one of its usual tricks, HollywoodLies’ proceeded to manufacture a vaguely related article with fake quotes in an effort to dupe its readers into thinking it has real sources, just like it did with this new story about Beyonce. But even the most casual Gossip Cop reader would know that no one from Beyonce’s camp would ever feed the untrustworthy website with private information about her, and that still remains true.