Beyonce Butt Implants Claim Still NOT True

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Beyonce Butt Implants

By Shari Weiss |

Beyonce Butt Implants

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Beyonce did not get butt implants, despite a repeated claim from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can once again bust the booty tale.

MediaTakeOut blares in one of its sensational headlines, “Beyonce Unveils Her New BUTT ENHANCEMENTS Last Night At Her TIDAL CONCERT!! (Are You DISAPPOINTED… That She Got Her BUTT DONE??)” It says in the accompanying story, “Beyonce was one of the LAST celebrity hold-outs, who refused to get her butt surgically enhanced. She appears to have finally GIVEN IN to the pressure.”

As proof, the webloid points to a picture of Beyonce on stage at Saturday’s Tidal X: 10/15 show. “It’s pretty clear that she did SOMETHING to her cakes,” says the site, adding, “We’ll give it some time to SETTLE IN, before we’ll give it an official grade.”

Putting aside the offensive notion that MTO thinks it’s okay to pass judgments on a woman’s body, the fact is that Beyonce didn’t look any different from normal when she performed at the charity event. And while MediaFakeOut is acting like this alleged new enhancement is a sudden, recent development, the outlet previously claimed Beyonce had butt implants done this past May.

But it seems MTO has forgotten that, just like it’s forgotten the multiple times this year that the site has falsely announced the superstar is pregnant. Beyonce didn’t butt implants in May. She didn’t get them now in October. And MediaTakeOut still doesn’t know what it’s talking about.


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