Beyonce Selling “Boycott Beyonce” T-Shirts On “Formation Tour” (PHOTO)

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beyonce boycott shirts

By Jesse Spero |

beyonce boycott shirts

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Beyonce is selling “Boycott Beyonce” t-shirts as part of the merchandise on her “Formation World Tour,” it was revealed on Wednesday. Check out the photo below.

The singer appears to be beating her haters at their own game, taking calls for people to boycott her shows and turning them into an idea off which to make money. As soon as the doors opened for tonight’s “Formation World Tour” kick-off at Marlins Park in Miami, photos of the new merchandise began popping up on social media. In addition to the shirts, there is also a “boycott” phone case for sale. The shirt goes for $45 and the cell phone accessory costs $25.

Calls for a boycott of Beyonce’s tour first came about in February. Following her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, which included allusions to the Black Panthers, and the release of the “Formation” music video, which had nods to the Black Lives Matter movement and images of police brutality against African-Americans, police unions and law enforcement groups called on people to skip her upcoming concerts. Additionally, as Gossip Cop reported, the Federal Communications Commission received hundreds of angry emails from viewers upset over her Super Bowl performance.

Fans of the singer, though, seem to be loving the savvy marketing gimmick. A fan with the Twitter name @LeSeanThomas wrote, “Beyonce selling #BoycottBeyonce t-shirts at her formation tour. Talk about luxury trolling. Takin all haters $ lol.” And user @Marshal_Knight tweeted, “The fact that Beyonce is selling a Boycott Beyonce shirt is GENIUS.” The singer has yet to address the potentially controversial merchandise. See photo below.


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